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My sweet Angel is gone

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My poor 6 year baby girl is gone. In May i notice my kitty wasnt acting right and so i took her to the vet. She had a Temp and dehydrated. He did blood work on her and when the results came back her emzems were high so he was pretty sure something was wronge with her liver so he sent me to another Vet. She also stopped eating. They kept her for 4 nights gave her meds and tryed to get her to eat. We decided to put a feeding tube in and they showed me how to do it plus give her medicine too thur the tube. She seem to perk up and even began to eat on her own too a little anyways. We had to take her on vacation with us also and sneak her into our place. She became so loveing and sweet. I also have another kitty who always took good care of her and they always layed together. At the end of July we removed her feeding tube and she seem to be doing good I was doing all i could and more to watch her i cant tell you how many cans of can food plus hard food i thur away. Well Angel had Liver diease and she stopped eating again. I took her back to my vet and they could see she was getting worse and this time her blood work was worst then in the beginging. I had to let her go. She went to sleep peacefully on August 17th 2007 and my heart is broken. My other kitty Tiger has been so loveing to me I know he knows. Its only been a few days and i still look for her. She loved to lay on other patio and thats what she did before she went to sleep. My heart is broke I feel so so sad and i know she isnt in any pain anymore. I held her in my arms for the last time and kissed her all over and said goodbye with my eyes full of tears as they are now as i type this but i felt i needed to share my story and tell you all she was so special and wonderful and we were so blessed to have her in our lives.
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What a beautiful tribute to your beloved Angel.
I know that it was not an easy decision but you put her needs first, when you let her go.
Angel is now healthy & whole as she plays at the Bridge with our babies who have gone before her.

Until you are together again...
RIP darling Angel.

Please stay around TCS and when you are ready, share photos of Angel & Tiger with us.
This is a wonderful community of caring people who understand why we love our cats so much.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, sweet Angel.

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It is so hard to lose a beloved companion. My heart goes out to you.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

RIP sweetie
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Little Angel is at the bridge playing with all the other kitties. Take care.
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I hope this picture can express to you the thousand words that I would like to, but am unable to.

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