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My parents own their own company. It is legal to set a minimum dollar amount because transaction fees are outrageous for vendors.

It is illegal to charge a fee if they buy under that minimum amount. What that implies is the company is now passing on to YOU the customer THEIR credit card fees.
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I guess I have it pretty good. I belong to the state credit union which reimburses up to $4.00 a month on ATM fees, and then I go to the ATM at WAWA which never charges a fee. I also get cashback when I go to the grocery store and other places that let you do that. I never have to pay a fee, if I do it is reimbursed up to 4, seldom happens.

I am going to OCMD for vacation, and this post is a good reminder. They charge a lot at the ATM machines, but fortunately they opened a wawa a few years ago, so that is where I will be getting my KENO money.
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So the bank guy called me back after he made a few phone calls... His answer?????? "Uhhhhh, I dunno... Sorry I couldnt be more help." I give up, its not worth pursuing anymore, I just wont go to that gas station. I went to two different gas stations about a mile apart from that one in the past two days (smaller gas stations) and wasnt charged any fee's... Both my purchases where just under $5.
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Don't merchants have to pay a 2% fee on ever credit card sale?
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Yes but when you are buying more things they generally make enough profit to cover it. Say they make 20c on each $1, if you spend $5 they make $1, if you spend $50 they make $10. Credit card companies often charge a fee plus a percentage which comes to over $1 per sale so when you spend less than $5 it costs them more than the profit
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