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Question of the Day - August 22nd

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Are you good at remembering important dates? (birthday, anniversary, etc.)
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Yup, most of the time.
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Usually yes, but with knowing so many people here now i have to write them on the calendar.

Yours is on now Karen
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Yes very good at dates and numbers. Its not a good thing though because I have so many rolling around in my head I don't know who some of the dates belong to, I.E someones birthday, anniversary and so on. Also number etc, I had a random number pop into my head one day as I was cycling to work and I kept thinking what the fudge is this number for. I realised after I arrived at work coz it was my punch in code

My wife, she doesn't even remember the day we got married, and it was only a few months ago. I'm not such a bad husband.
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I am lucky if I remember my own name.
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Some, but not all!! Phone numbers, forget it, I can't even remember my own!!
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Good god NO. I can usually remember the correct months for birthdays and stuff...but exact dates is next to impossible! I'm horrible with remembering any numbers in general. I always say it's because I'm an art I don't use the logical side of my brain as much .

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Honestly, it depends on the person. And if I write it on my calendar.
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Yes I am when they are important to me.
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Sometimes - unfortuately I forgot #1 great nephew's birthday was Monday.
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I used to be very good at dates, but I seem to be getting worse.

Happy Anniversary 54th anniversary to my mother and father today! I did remember.
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Yes. Someone I know has a birthday coming up!
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If it's something that's important to me, I have no trouble remembering.
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I don't need to remember important dates. I'm on Facebook :P
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I'm pretty good up until the 2 days before and the 2 days after their birthday. Which the 2 days before is usually the time I go and get their presents.
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For the most part I am fairly good at remembering dates, names and things like that..
Phone numbers and I don't get along though. For some reason if you tell me a phone number as sure as anything I will get the numbers backwards or in the wrong order.
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of course, all the time!
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nope, I'm not very good at all. I get people's birthdays mixed up
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I'm terrible...I put all important dates in an organizer so I wouldn't forget.
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Yes. It helps that I have my computer set to remind me of important dates about a week before. I remember my family's important dates but would have a hard time remembering extended family's important dates without the reminders
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Kinda sorta
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Yes I am!
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I am VERY good at remembering! In fact today is my cousin's 21st bday

Trav stinks at it. So it helps that I can remember his family
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I'm good at remembering numbers of all sorts, in fact my passwords are all numbers and I remember all of them. At work my log-in password is an old friends phone number that I haven't seen or phoned for 7 years!! I still Remember it, although it's probably changed now...
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I'm pretty good about remembering those sorts of things. I'm always reminding my SO that his mom's, dad's, sister's, etc. birthday is coming up!
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I usually remember, I almost forgot my TWIN sister's birthday this year.
(How did that happen???)
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Today's the 22nd already? When did that happen?

I have everything written on the calendar so I don't have to remember.
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Yep. That's easy.
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