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Tiffin is three months old today!

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I can't believe how quickly the time has flown. Anyway, to celebrate his 3 month birthday here are some pix, taken this morning with 7 year old Laura, who has become besotted with him during the ten days that her family have been staying in my gite. We are all wet as it had been raining for two days and we had to get the ponies into the stable to give them their daily apple ration.

Laura and all three ponies

Tiffin enjoying his breakfast of apple and carrot

Me giving Tiffin his daily lesson on being touched and stroked. He enjoys being petted now and does not run away.
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Thanks for the updated pics, Jenny. Tiffin is still a cutie and looks like he is getting as big as my niece's Great Dane.
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WOW... How time flys
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Is it possible that he actually got cuter? I think he did!
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what a doll!
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He is adorable!!
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He's adorable Jenny
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Oh, my goodness, how time does fly. I remember you staying up nights waiting for Maisie to foal and I wanted to come and help you.

He's a handsome little fellow. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures.
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Awww....Tiffin is adorable.
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Very handsome!
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Good grief is it 3 months already!

Jenny, Tiffin is a little beauty!
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Tiffin is precious. Wasn't he born either on my Birthday which is the 29th of May or a day before?
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Lovely, Jenny. Thanks for sharing.
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he is so handsome!! how lovely that Laura helps you with their breakfasts
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He really is a handsome boy!
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On my Gosh, I had no idea when I joined I would get to see ponies too!
Tiffin is adorable
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