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Please, PLEASE send vibes...For me, for those POOR KITTENS

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AAAAGGGGhHHH!! a terrible end to a TERRIBLE day....
Right now, I desperately need your prayers and vibes sent to 2 abandoned kittens that I discovered while out having a good cry over a terrible day at work...They were running alongside a bridge over a rushing creek, meowing frantically. They were too skittish to let me rescue them but they did approach,so I know that they aren't feral.
I rushed home to gather more rescue materials: carrier, towels, scratch-proof gloves, canned food, but ALAS!! When I returned - they were gone
I left food scattered about anyway, but there are so many predators nearby, I fear for those poor babies - a siamese mix and a scraggly, big-eared gray
I'm going back to put posters on the bridge....Please send your vibes to help out. And if you can spare more, that my horrible mistake at work today will be fixed....I'm off to re-check the bridge and to put up the posters...Thank you in advance for any and all assistance...susan
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Sending lots of vibes for you and the kittens. I hope today is a much better day for you and that the kittens are safe and you're able to get a hold of them.
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I hope those angels are caught and given the love and care they need!
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Sending lots of prayers and vibes that they are found
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Hope you can find the kittens again and that they didn't fall into the creek and get washed away.

I'm being the curious cat now, what mistake did you do at work
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I'll move this to SOS.

I hope you can catch them
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Rosiemac, thank you so much for moving this - I wasn't thinking too clearly last nite.
Still no sign of the kittens, only the routine sounds of the night and the rushing creek water I did put up posters on the bridge - the rural road is a popular place for early morning walkers and joggers, so I remain hopeful. I placed kibbles all around, hoping that if they are still in the area they will establish a feeding area where I can set a trap. I searched by foot & by car, giving my best "mama-kitty" mrreowling as well as standard "here kitty, kitty" and "minou-minou-minou". Just B4 I saw the kittens, I'd passed a large coyote about a mile down the road, and I know too, too well that their mewing will attract predators ....I am worried sick...........
As for my mistake at work, I was out sick for 4 days and as a result did not know that a client was supposed to submit responsive declarations by Mon. 10am. To be fair to me, I did not get the drafts till late Mon. afternoon, but without a response, the judge ruled against the client and since my DH is the attorney, he blames me for not averting the disaster somehow. So of course, if that's how the record shows, then I've made the worst mistake of my career here working in this law office.....Devastating, because if it's truly my fault, then this family is going through tremendous upheaval and emotional pain, all because of me As the dinosaur says in ToyStory 1, "Now I have guilt!"
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Sending vibes and Prayers for the kittens and for you.
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