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Nik's conjunctiva was quite swollen (right eye only) and we've been applying ointment the vet gave us for the last three days.

Now the swelling has gone down almost completely, but I notice that he is still keeping the sore eye closed or partially closed. If I run my hand in front of that visual field of that eye (without touching it) he closes it completely, but he doesn't do that with the good eye. Also somethimes I can see his third eyelid in the sore eye (when he is just waking up)- but it goes down pretty quickly.

Is he just reacting because we've been touching that eye so much (applying the ointment 2x daily) or is it possible that whatever caused the swelling is lingering.

It may have been an insect bite (there were no lesions or stings on the eye) or some other reaction. He's never had it before (he's just a baby, 5 1/2 months) and our other cat never had a similar problem. Am I just expecting it to get better too quickly (3 days) or is it something to worry more about?

He is eating, voiding, playing, sleeping and everything else as normal.

We have an appointment for n-e-u-t-e-r-i-n-g (don't tell him!) on Friday and he'll have full blood work and physical prior to that, and our vet is amazing and wonderful, so I'll discuss it with her then, but just wanted some preliminary advice - do I just sound like a neurotic mother???

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Well, sometimes 3 days isn't very long to have it completely clear up.

Asim had conjunctivitis a couple years ago, the vet gave me these eye drops first, which made it worse, (poor trusting baby). Then I went to another vet and got an ointment. It took a good 5 days before I saw any REAL improvement. By the time I had run the span of the medican he was good as new.

It is possible that he closes his eye when your hand comes near it cause he thinks you will touch it again.
About the 3rd eyelid, I saw that as well when Asim had it, but it eventually went away.
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I am so disappointed - the eye had been improving (swelling going down) up until last night - but then this morning, it has come up a bit again. It's not as bad as it initially was, but it's definitely worse than it was yesterday.

Boo. Poor baby - although he is still his usual playful self. I'm going to call the vet and see what she thinks.

Is it possible that I have somehow reinfected him while applying the ointment? (I don't think I directly touched his eye with the tube, though.)

Thanks, Angel, It's just good to hear from someone else who has experienced this, as I never have before.

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When you medicate his eye do you wash your hands before and after? Or do you use disposable gloves?

Perhaps a different medication could be in order, see how it looks tomorrow, speak with the vet. It's possible that he had been rubbing it, or he bumped his eye into something and it irritated the eye further for a little while.
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I wash my hands before and after (I couldn't hold him still with the gloves on.)

I'm going to sterilise the nib of the tube and the cap in hot water, just in case.

The vet said to keep on with the ointment and as long as it doesn't get any worse, she'll check him out on Friday morning when we have an appointment anyway. So we'll keep an eye on him (no pun intended ) and hopefully it will get a bit better before then.

I just feel so sorry for him, because it looks like it must irritate him, but he doesn't seem the slightest bit bothered by it.

Thanks for your reply

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The vet had another look at his eye this morning while he was anaesthetised (being neutered - that went very well, he's home and happy to be, now). She says she can see an area that definitely looks like a bite of some kind, and is concerned that it hasn't healed before now, so has given us tablets which have stronger antihistamine than the ointment.

We have an appointment on Thursday to follow up and decide what to do next if it still isn't responding. Meanwhile she (the vet) is going to speak to a colleague who is skilled in working on cat's eyes.

The thing is, his eye was actually looking much better (again) the last couple of days.

Poor Nik. I'm glad we've got such a thorough vet (she didn't charge us for the new medication, or subsequent examination - just the desexing and blood work). Hopefully, the tablets will help.

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Good luck with your upcoming specialist visit. You are lucky to find someone who specializes in that type of care so close to you.
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Thanks Hissy

In the past couple of days, his eye is looking really good - at least from the outside. I'm not too keen to go and pull back his eyelid to have a closer look, because he's been prodded and poked so much lately, he's getting a bit unsettled. I'm happy with how it's improving so hopefully, by Thursday it will all be okay.

We're having lots of fun (not!) with the pilling, but I read one of your other posts on how to pill a cat, and that has really helped.

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