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can aggresivness sp? be passed down?

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what i mean is lilly who was about a year old when we took her in was a lovly cat very loving and loved other cats. she did have a litter (long story) and was spayed including her kittens 2 we kept.
well a few months later lilly changed completly she HATED other cats was always attacking them , we had her checked over at the vet who gave her a clean bill of health. we tried everything to help calm her down but nothing worked. in the end we had to rehome her with a lovely cupple who had no other cats and she is getting on fantasticly. well her 2 kittens who we keept over the last 2 months have gone the excate same way?? we have 12 cats some are old others are young. but they are terrorising the other cats and each other, one of the other cats cant walk past either of them without them being attacked, and forest will delibretly hunt out the cats and attack them. again they have been vet checked more then once since this started and are both healthy.
its gotten to the stage where if one of the other cats are near them and i go to touch the ones who are being nasty im being growled out and y/day tigerlilly went for me.

help these are my babys and can be so very sweet, one is my little chirper she chats away to me and the other is my bed buddy which can break out into a fight if one of the others jump on the bed.
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Yes personalities can be passed down. But what I am wondering you say you have 12 cats this could be causing overcrowding. Cats are very territorial and there may not be enough room to go around.
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Yes, it can be passed down in some ways. I think its mainly learned by kittens watching their mom, but some personality traits can be passed along.

Then again, you have a few cats that would prefer to be "only cats", like your Lily (btw my little rex was named Lily (Tigerlily) and she wound up being placed in an only cat home as she started being mean to the other cats in the house).

And some cats have a "limit" they are comfortable with - one or two too many will cause problems.

Maybe its the name
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thats what im worrering with tigerlilly and forest if they would perfer to be only cats or with less cats.
the reason i asked was because of lilly and these are her daughters and none of the others are like it (except a stray who we took in, but his only like it outside).
yet i have just gone in to my bedroom and there is forest laying inbetween , gizmo, sophie and gracy and she seems so relaxed and comfy, so now im really getting confused, this is the first time in ages iv seen her be nice to any of the others.

i dont know, its not an unbarable situation like it was with lilly , as before i decided to rehome lilly she got to the point where she wouldnt even come in to the house so i had to set up a bed outside it was that bad. which is why i found her a lovely home and she is much happier, im worried that it will start to rub of on to the other cats and i will have a free for all.
im not looking to rehome them i wanna try and work this out.
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