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poo problems

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We recently took in 2 foster kitties. They're doing fine, aside from an eye infection that I am unsucessfully treating (can't always catch them to give them eye cream) But we have a problem. The first night, I found that they'd poo'd in the living room, in a corner, and in the computer room behind the couch. No biggie, they just aren't used to the apartment. I cleaned it up, sprayed with citrus air freshener and Nature's Miracle. No problems there. The problem is with the bathtub! For some reason, one or both cats keeps poo'ing in our bathtub! They also were pee'ing in there, as well as in our shower when I left that open overnight. I keep the shower closed now, and I put a litterbox in the bathtub. But every morning when I get up, there's another pile of poo in the bathtub! It's really getting annoying. They're not peeing anywhere else (I've gone over the apartment about 4 times with my blacklight) and using the litterbox correctly during the day. It seems like it's only overnight. We have 3 litterboxes, 2 covered and one uncovered. They have access to one covered and the uncovered all night long, and we keep the other 3 cats locked into the bedroom with us all night. I can't figure this out!
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Have these two been vetted recently? That would be the first thing. The second would be to uncover the two boxes, and try different litter. If these were strays, or ferals, then you can try using potting soil in one of the boxes. You can also start feeding them in the bathtub and shower. They won't poop where they eat. I would try different levels of litter, some cats like a lot, and some don't. Make sure the litter pans are in a private place for them and I would also add more pans. You have 5 cats and 3 litter pans? Not near enough for a crew that size. I would add 3 more boxes. Good luck!
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There's no way I can add any more boxes. We live in a 2 bd apartment. I have to fight Mike to keep all 3, he wants to get rid of one! They have their choice of covered and uncovered boxes, and they seem to do fine during the day. I think Mischeif is the culprit. She's peeing in the litter box, and poo's in it during the day. It seems only to be at night when she does this.
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mmmhmmm make a check up with a vet if you haven't recently for these 2. I have a cat that LOVED to pee/poo in the bath tub.
Can you just keep the door to the bathroom closed at all times?

Are the litter boxes you have right now big enough to satisfy them, are they in a proper location? Aka do they feel secure where they are, is it possible that one cat stalks the other while it's trying to go potty, and that the bathtub just happens to be a better spot to be alone?

Oh, wanted to add, some cats like the feeling of something slick to pee/poo on aka a bathtub, I know a few people who have actually just put out an empty litter box (aka no litter) and their cats would use that instead of a tile floor or the tub. It's still kinda gross and you would have to clean it frequently, but at least then she might not be poo'ing where you take your showers.
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That could be. I've thought about shutting the bathroom door, but I'm afraid that they'll go somewhere else. I'm terrified to spray the spot with citrus or anything, because I don't want them to poo anywhere else. At least the bathtub's easy to clean! We have 2 bathrooms, and this is the guest bathroom they do this in. I just can't figure out why they're doing this.

We have 2 litter boxes, one is an enclosed box, and that's in the pantry, an out of the way spot. The other is uncovered, and is in the bathtub (I thought maybe that's where their litter box was in their old home or something). The enclosed one is extra-large, and the open one is regular size
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Do they use the box in your bathtub? Or do they still just use the tub.

Lord knows where former owners put things, lol. A past town house I used to live in, I guess the former renter had a tomcat cause he used to spray in this closet all the time, Just the back of some closet the box was TINY, like this cat sprayed and pee'd over the edge so many times there was a perminate outline of pee on the tile floor. Took me months to get rid of the smell. I wonder if the cat was forced to live in there.

Have you considered just keeping them in one of the bathrooms, at least until you get to bring them to the vet concerning this issue? (It's not inhumane, it really isn't) Just leave them food/water/toys/litter box etc. But remove all rugs! lol.
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Just another thought. Since this only happens during the night when the other cats are in the room with you could it be the cat is jealous?
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I had a foster kitty that peed in the tub too. Annoying, but easy to clean up. At first I just chalked it up to lack of training b/c the lady we took these kittens from never provided a litter box.

At first I kept all the kittens in the bathroom locked up and they were real cozy. Then later I took in a stray, so he went in the bathroom and the kittens had run of my apt with my other three cats! Geez! Seven cats in a 700 sq ft apt!

I then found the kitten peeing on plastic bags...like if I left a grocery bag on the floor she'd pee on it. I also noticed that sometimes when she was in the litterbox, another kitten would jump in there with her and she didn't like that...she'd hop out and go straight for the tub. I think she felt more privacy in there with those high sides.

So then I got a covered box. That seemed to help...but occasionally I'd still find a spot. At the time I thought it was the same kitten, but now I think it was one of my cats who was getting stressed out.

Hang in there. You will figure it out. You may have to lock your laundry up in a closet. Do you have a small dog crate? Sometimes it helps to put the culprit in a dog crate that is full of litter boxes. They have no choice but to use the box and some people find this helps re-train them.

I would try separating the two new ones...lock them in the bathroom together with everything they need. I'm sure they will be fine, will likely feel more secure if they are away from the other kitties, and your kitties may feel better if the new kitties are not pestering them and sleeping in their favorite spot...etc. Separating the kitties will help you figure out who is doing what.

Do you have any Feliway? Couldn't hurt to spray your bed, sofa, where ever they sleep.

Let us know how it's going.
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