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Breed-specific collectibles?

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I am looking for British Shorthair collectible items. Specifically Blue ones. My brother-in-law just made me some shelves that I can put knick-knacks and collectibles on and was thinking that I would collect Boxer-dog items and cat items. I would really really like a ceramic or sandcast Blue Britty kitty. If anybody can steer me the right direction, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Cindy W.
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If you go to our sister site and look under cat related gifts- before you get into the specific categories, there are listings of businesses. If you read the descriptions you will see about 5 of them that only make breed specific gifts. One (I can't recall the name of it) makes these beautiful suncatchers that are breed specific.
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Thank you so much for the fast response! I will check it out! Cindy W.
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Here's the link to the suncatcher site:
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Try e-bay
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