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Ugh! What a day!

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I woke up at 2am and couldn't go back to sleep.

I decided to try making waffles in my new waffle iron. Except for it taking so long to mix up and a bit of batter over flow and more dishes than I cared to wash from preparing breakfast, that didn't go so bad

Then UPS came by with a delivery for me. My last rewards purchase using my airmiles. Only I was sent the wrong item! I ordered a tower fan that had digital thermostatic control that cools the air as it passes through. Seems they were out of stock and someone decided to ship me a "similar" item. Only this tower fan is just a plain fan. No special features. I called and they are going to pick it up and ship me the right one. So that was not too bad either I'm just glad that we don't have super hot temperatures right now.

I had to go and do some banking today so I booked my transportation (I use a service called "Handi Transit" which is door to door public transportation by car or van for those with valid medical reasons). I leave my apartment 10 minutes before my pickup time only to have a maintenance guy standing by the elevator ask me how my day was and warn me that it's about to get worse. Then he informs me that both elevators are broken!!

I live on the 7th floor and I either had to walk down 7 flights of stairs or cancel my transportation in which case I would be charged for it anyway because I was cancelling it after the allowed cut off time, plus if you do that 3 times in 6 months they cancel your service completely. I already have 2 strikes against me and I can't afford to lose my only source of transportation.

The guy said that there was someone working on it and that he was told it wouldn't be very long before it was fixed.

I had a car waiting for me and I had to be down there at a specified time, so I made my way down the stairs. I have asthma and I'm heavy and by the time I got to the main floor I thought I was going to keel over. I was dizzy and panting and puffing and my legs felt like limp noodles.

I got to the bank and sent my money order and then went across the street to Subway for lunch. While I was there it started to spit outside so I decided that I better get back across before it pours. As I was walking (my legs still feeling like limp noodles) across the street it poured! By the time I got to the bank building where I was going to wait for my return ride, I was pretty wet.

I had to wait about 1/2 an hour. About 20 minutes before the car came my stomach started cramping and doing flip flops. I hate public toilets and avoid them when I can so I decided to wait until I got home.

My ride came a few minutes early and I got home without incident, only to find that the elevators were still broken! There was a sign saying "Out of Order - Service and Inspection." So I sat downstairs on the lobby benches to wait. After about 15 minutes one lady that I know was going out and told me that the elevator guys left and there was no one working on the elevators at that time. Then the caretaker came by and told me that the elevators might not be fixed until tomorrow!

It seems that the elevator guys came and said it's not their problem and to call an electrician. The electrician said it's not his area and to call the elevator guys!

I had no choice but to try and make my way up 7 flights of stairs I did one flight and then sat for 5 minutes or so, then did another flight etc.

By the time I got upstairs I was positively sick! And my back, legs and foot hurt so bad that I thought I would cry

To top it off I broke a finger nail when I was rushing to open the door to my apartment

I took some Tylenol #3 and laid down and I feel a little better, but I still feel "off".

I am supposed to start Physiotherapy tomorrow but I rebooked because the elevators may not be fixed by the time I need to leave, not to mention I know my body and I know for a fact that I will be sore and exhausted tomorrow.

Chynna sensed something wrong and came and gave me some nice cuddles and nose kisses, so that helped too Now if I could just teach her to give back massages
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I'm sorry you had such a terrible day. Hopefully you can have some quiet time at home tonight and tomorrow.

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Aw, sheesh... I'm sorry you had such a miserable day! Sometimes it feels like everything is conspiring against you.

There was a wonderful little movie many years ago called "Barbarosa" in which Willie Nelson had to hike across a sweltering desert and up a rocky cliff, with dust and sweat and snakes and rockslides to deal with... it took him forever, cussing all the way, and when he finally hauled himself up over the edge of the cliff and got to his feet, exhausted, there was a crack of thunder and he squinted heavenward and snapped, "Well all right then, now RAIN on me, why don'tcha!"

Bet that's how you felt, poor thing.
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Wow I cant do 7 flights of stairs and I am healthy LOL so I can only imagine how awful it was for you...we can always count on our kitties to try and make us feel better!
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Ohhh, I hope tomorrow brings a better day.
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Oh man, that does suck!!! You poor thing

I'm so glad Chynna tried to help you feel better!
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i thinks its time to go back to bed, and reset the whole day
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Ugh, I hate when maintenance people point fingers at one another.

that the elevators will truely be fixed tomorrow and not any later. If not you have my permission to kick a pillow and chant "stupid elevator people" as much as you want.
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Wow! 7 flights of stairs would suck to climb!! I don't even like going up one!
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Now that was a sucky day!!!!
Good thing you didn't have any heavy bags to carry upstairs.
I hope you have a good nights rest and feel better tomorrow.
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Sending along some hope you have a better day tomorrow vibes
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Thanks everyone for letting me whine and have a pity party

I'm so glad I had the foresight to rebook physio. All that panting and puffing yesterday exacerbated my asthma and made my chest sore. Plus every bone in my body aches. Between the asthmatic cough that I now have which is worsened when laying down, and the aching, I only managed to get 2 hours sleep.

So I didn't stiffen up completely, I decided to go and pick up my mail and check the elevators. They still aren't fixed!

It wouldn't be so bad if it was only 1 of the 2 that were broken, but it's both!
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