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Whats wrong with her?!!!!! worried mummy

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Hi everyone!
I have two kittens, Mitsy and Bobby, girl and boy.
a few weeks ago i took Mitsy to be spayed and when she got home to bobby her brother she was fine and they got along great.

Now, today bobby has been to be neutered and when my b/f bought him home and re-introduced them Mitsy ran off as is she was scared and wont stop hissing and scratching at him and growling etc.

at least at first i though she was scared as she was lying on her back and being submissive but now its like she's asking for it.

poor bobby doesnt know what he's done wrong

i'm really worried aout leaving them on their own tomorrow while we're at work.

is she really scared or is she being mean? and what can i do tomorrow

any help will be greatly appreciated

thanks x
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Well ... he SMELLS FUNNY! From being at the vet. She is not sure who he is as he smells different. Can you keep them separated a few days till eh gets his old familiar smell back? And try to gradually reintroduce them?
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how old are they?
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Yes. He smells different that is why Misty is freaking out. If you can run by a petstore like petsmart and buy some feliway- you can get a spray or diffuser. It contains pheramones(or something like that) that calm cats down. I've heard vanilla extract works as well- but am not sure how to use it
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Hullo again!

You don't need to go to a shop to solve this problem. Take an old towel, cloth, or paper towel, rub it on Mitsy a few times to pick up her scent, and then rub it on Bobby. You may have to do this more than once, but it will help put her familiar, friendly scent on him so she'll accept him. Time and patience will bring them back together again, happy as can be! GOOD LUCK!
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I had a redirected agression issue a few years ago, and this sounds a little similar....

The behavioralist I consulted instructed me to use a towel and let each cat rub on it, and exchange their scents that way. Definitely keep them separated for a few days, and don't even let them share a door if you can help it. They need time to "chill." Definitely take your time and don't rush them back together. It may take a week or two, but it will be worth the time and effort.
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Originally Posted by 4meezers3kids View Post
Well ... he SMELLS FUNNY! From being at the vet. She is not sure who he is as he smells different. Can you keep them separated a few days till eh gets his old familiar smell back? And try to gradually reintroduce them?
I agree with keeping them separated for a day or so. My brother and sister cats were the same way, Marbles(boy) would be fine if Snickers (girl) went to the vet and came back but Snicker would hiss and growl when Marbles would get back. I just kept them separated for a day and then she was fine with him.
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I agree I had a problem with my guys, we had adopted a maine coon mix Azrael, and told he was animal friendly, only to find out he wasn't. We had him for 4 weeks and had him fixed, hoping it would take the Tom cat out of him. 2 days later we had Bella fixed. Poor Bella came home still groggy and drugged. Az could smell her from the other room and actually attacked us to get out, and flipped poor Bella from one end of the house to the other. Poor Bella when on a stress hunger strike. The vet said it is very common to have cats turn on another after vet visits, and if there are close together that can make it worse. We where told to try and have them in at the same time, so that it does not happen, they will both smell the same. we where told to do the towel and keep the apart, for both of there safetly then we where told to feed them together after a fews days on either side of the doors, eating calms them.

After 3 weeks we gave up trying after that poor Bella was total uninterested in getting to know him and he didnt get any better so we had to find him a new home.

I hope it may work for you, if mine would have had a bond to begin with I think it would have been fine. But we are struggling with strangers.

Good luck with your little kitties

Kittymom of Charlie, Bella and Titan
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thanks for your help everyone. they're still fighting and i know Mitsy's scared of him, there is tears in her eyes. bobby just wants to play and its heartbreaking.
will keep them separate and see how it goes.
they're 4 months old nearly 5
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Poor confused babies. He'll get his scent back fairly quickly.

You can also try rubbing a towel on her and then on him (creating a mixed scent that is more like her), or you can try the vanilla trick. Dab vanilla behind the ears and under the chin on each kitty.

It's very common for other cats to have a reaction like that when someone comes back smelling different.
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Be patient and hang in there. They will calm down in time. Count on it!
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