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6 week old kitten trouble

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Hi ,

Long story short -

My 1 1/2 yr old tabby ran away 2-3weeks ago and never came back so we just got a new kitten 2 days ago and named her Cassie . Shes Black with a little bit of white on her front chest. Anyways she drinks a little bit of kitten milk from the small Whiska's containers but she barely eats the cry food and its worrying me because I don't think she has gone for a poop yet . Yet she is litter trained cause she went for a pee a few minutes ago .
Also , I'd like to get her used to sleeping with me like my other cat ( the one that ran away) used to . She has for the last two nights but she kept me up till 2:30 am first night and last night till 4:30 am because she wanted to play.
And the last problem is that we have a 1yr old cat and they don't get along.... the older one keeps hissing at the baby and then runs off scared.
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please help.... I need my sleep and im worried about Cassie . By the way the older one is named Lil'Angel
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Do you know what age this kitten is?
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she was born on july 4th this yr
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wow she's asleep in my lap right now ... thats good.. but im still worried bout tonight....
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have you tried feeding her wet food? She may not like the dry, but she may eat wet without a problem. Is her tummy hard and bulging at all or is it like normal sized?
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she isnt buldgy or hard tummied , and we tried wet food and she don't like the smell...
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Well, you might try something softer than dry, like the "moist" or "soft" foods that are still not wet... similar to "tender vittles".. I can't say that I think it's the best food out there, but... I'm at a loss for suggestions as to what else to try to feed her. You could try mixing her dry in with her formula, but make sure you don't let it sit out any longer than like 30 minutes because bacteria will start to grow.
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Iams canned kitten food is really good. It is at a good consistency....not to runny.

Also, it takes a while for cats to get used to new additions to the family. You just got your baby a couple of days will take several days....most likely weeks (less often even months) for your cat to accept the kitten. Don't force them together....they will do it on their own. It is very normal behavior for your older cat to hiss, bat and then go away.
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oh, and about the sleeping at night need to keep the kitten awake and active for most of the day....cats are naturally nocturnal and will sleep during the day and want to play at night. You need to reverse this. It may take a few days.
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thanks , i just mixed up some wet pate style whiska's pouch food with some kitten mix. She ate almost all of it and i poured some whiska's milk and she drank some of it. She's been awake most of the day and now she's takin a nap . And just a few minutes ago I saw my older cat grooming that baby then she walked off and hissed at her after a few mins because Cassie started playing with her tail lol.
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first things first, dont try and get her to be like the cat who went missing, every cat is different.

with the bedtimes, about an hour of so before bed start a play session this will help to tire her out before you going to bed.

at 6 weeks old she is bearly weened from her mother, she was more then likly still nursing most of the time from her mum and eating small amounts of kitten food. so try giving her small amounts of food but often, she wont want to eat to much at a time but will want to eat freqently.

im sorry to hear that your cat has gone missing.
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To expect this kitten to "be like the cat that went missing" you're already setting kitty up for failure.

Accept her for who she is, and don't put too many expectations on her, or you'll be disappointed when she's "different" and with her own personality. If you let her be herself and just enjoy her, she'll make you happy, even if it's in different ways than your other cat.

If she's very young (you say 6 wks) she should be able to eat hard kibble, but all kittens develop at different rates. It's best to leave kittens with their mother til about 8 weeks. They not only get that extra nurturing, but they also learn some important kitty social skills from mom and siblings.

If you can't get kitty to eat any hard kibble, and she doesn't like wet, you can always try human gerber baby chicken. My little orphans didn't like wet either before they were into hard kibble. I started them off on gerber baby food, and slowly began mixing in the cat food wet. Eventually adding more and more cat food, less and less baby food, as days went by, essentially weaning them off the baby food. Now they will knock you down if they hear the wet food can lid pop open.

I hate to sound discouraging..... But at 12 weeks old, my two orphan brats are still waking me up at all hours of the night trying to nurse on my earlobes and armpits. (Yes, armpits). I keep them up playing throughout the day and it does help. But kittens are little balls of energy. Enjoy it, and catnap yourself during the day if you need to. She will eventually get into your routine, and you'll both be better off.
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