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Kitten adoption in Scotland/UK

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Aloha again peeps.

The local petshop guy here told my mum that there tend to be long waiting lists for people looking for kittens. Can anyone from the UK or Scotland here confirm that? And are older, trained and neutered cats - one to three years old - usually more abundant?

I was promised I'd get a cat once our kitchen's been fully rennovated, but if it would take months for a kitten to be assigned to us, I'd like to get our name on the relevant lists sooner rather than later.

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Pet shops have notoriously bad practices when it comes to selling pets. Why not go to your local animal shelter instead? These kitties need a home and are available immediately! You also get to spend more time with them and figuring out which kitty has a personality you like, rather than just choosing by colour from a pet store.

Check out the local SPCA and I'm sure you could also find a shelter close to where you live. Also search for animal rescue groups to see what they have available.

And yes, if you get a kitty 1 year old +, they're more likely to be a bit more settled down, yet still playful and fun. A kitten is hard work - they're very active and need a lot of attention. Unless you can get 2 kittens, getting a kitty aged 1+ would probably be better!

Good luck
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Here is a link to your local rescue
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Lovely stuff, thanks! I'll take a peek now.

Sarahp - the local petshop is, fortunately, one of the good ones; it's independently owned, and the guy who owns it has run it for years. They don't sell animals larger than rabbits though. It's usually a good place to ask for advice, but I just don't think he's terribly keen on cats. :p
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It can be hard getting kittens in Scotland, I ended up getting a purebred cat because there were no kittens around.

That said getting an adult cat is usually much easier and plenty of those in shelters. Most of them are indoor/outdoor cats and will only be adopted into indoor/outdoor homes.

Here's a list of Scottish rescues:
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