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Help! I think something is wrong w/ Tiki!

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I took Tiki to the Vet yesterday and found that she's got a minor bladder infection & has allergies (we think to her litter). The Vet gave me Amoxicillin 100mg and Chlorphyramine Maleate 4 mg to give her daily. I started them both yesterday morning and have noticed that her behavior is different than usual. Yesterday, she seemed a little bit more tired than before, but still pretty active. Today, she hasn't been active at all. She has slept almost the entire day and seems really groggy when she moves around. I assuming it's from the allergy med (since it's the same drug called Tavist and is the same strength us humans take). I'm just worried that I'm drugging her up! I just don't like to see her this way! She really fought me this morning when I gave her the meds and now she won't even come near me. I plan on calling my Vet tomorrow and asking her about this...but I thought maybe someone on here would know a little about this. I've never had to give my cats meds before and I don't know what to look for if they are having reactions to them. Please help...I'm so scared I'm doing the wrong thing!
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Please, calm down, Chlorphyramine Maleate is actually a mild tranquilizer. She will more than likely be drowsy and not herself. She fought you because of the bitter taste it has, and it is nasty. After you pill her, give her a small taste of something she loves to wash it down, even if it is just a dab of something. Let her sleep it off in dark warm place. If you have a cat carrier, prop the door open and drape the carrier with a dark cloth, leaving a small doorway for her, and just put her in there.
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OH MaryAnne...You are such a lifesaver!! I've been worried all day about this...I'm so relieved that I wasn't drugging her up! I could tell that she HATED that pill...it was so hard to get it down her! I felt so bad for her...she kept on smacking her lips together and sticking out her little tongue. I felt soooo mean for having to do that! Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to put it inside her favorite treat and hopefully she'll gobble it down with out even knowing it. BTW, I asked my Vet about the pill gun and she said that they don't have those. I went to a town nearby and looked for one...and couldn't find one any where! Hopefully the treat trick will work...wish me luck!
Thanks again for the speedy reply...I know I can always count on you for some great advice!
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PM me your address and I will send you a pill gun. They are a lifesaver. I just could feel you freaking out and didn't want you to think you were harming your kitty. Tiki can probably use the rest and now, hopefully you can rest too.
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I just PM'd you! That is VERY generous of you!
Oh..BTW, my name is Michelle..but everyone calls me Shell (my user name). I'm used to being called just about every name...everyone thinks I'm a Rachelle or Jessica. I work in retail and some people "think" they know me and end up calling me some other name. LOL!
Thanks again,
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I know how scary it is when you give your cat a medication the vet recommended and they start acting strange.

My cat has food allergies and is on special food, but still requires something for itching. My vet gave her Chlorpheniramine 4mg (antihistamine) for the itching. She had the same reaction, sleeping, very inactive (not normal for her). I called the vet and he had me give her half a table in the morning and half a tablet in the evening and she handles this much better.

You may want to call your vet and tell him/her how the medication is affecting her and see if it can be adjusted.
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I do feel your pain with trying to give meds to your cat! It is a horrendous headache, but well worth it in the end when they are feeling better.

If this is a vet you trust, then I would realize and understand that your vet isn't going to do you wrong and give you something (or not give you something)that won't help your cat.

That was like Cleo. We know she has upper respitory because of the sneezing. The vet we have always had Angel to since 84 said Cleo's lungs and sinuses sounded fine. He was reluctant to give her any anti-biotics at that point because it can kill good with bad. He suggested it was probably low-grade and that she is fighting it herself, but if it did continue and/or get worse, to bring her back. My mother FREAKED out with the sneezing (because Angel had died) and was in a state of panic (much like you) over it, but I had to reassure her that if the vet didn't think she would be ok, he wouldn't have sent her home without anything. Cleo is doing MUCH better

Good luck! Listen to Hissy....but if things get worse and just don't seem to get better, I would take the cat back to the doc!
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