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I've turned into my Mother....

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But in a good way. I realized last night when I was going to bed at 9:30 with my mystery book in one had and a cup of tea in the other that it's getting a bit scary.

I've also started using her expressions.

Does anyone know how I stop this? It's getting weird.
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no before I knew it I was doing the same things as my Mom, lol
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Sorry, it seems inevitable,

My daughter is complaining to me that she is sounding more and more like me - she's 23 and I'm 40, and my mom will be 60 on Sept 1st.

SIGH...neurosis, here I come...
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LOL... I dont have that problem ...mine is I turned into my grandma many yrs ago
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LOL! I'm not alone!

If you find a way to stop it...let me know.
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I'm exactly like my mother in so many ways, and I'm fine with that. My mum is an awesome person, and DH thinks my mum is awesome too, so that's not a problem.
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I knew a guy once who turned into his mother. He insisted we call him Norman Bates, even though that wasn't his real name. Never did like that guy much.
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I turned into my mother many years ago and like Sarah, I'm a-ok with it!
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In some ways I'm turning into my mother, but in many more ways I'm turning into my father. Especially the stubborn, opinionated, conservative minded, foul-mouthed (at times)....well, you get the picture.
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Doesn't sound like a bad thing, if you like your mother.

My parents value money, power, and looks (physical beauty) and I rejected their values long ago. I wonder who I've turned into?
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If I start telling Neil to wear all the time-please help me..........
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I've turned into my GrandMom!
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