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The new guy.

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So we'd been thinking about getting another cat for months now, and after a trip to our local shelter, we came home with Ares. He was dumped at the shelter and they think he's between 8-10 weeks old. This little guy is amazing. He's not been scared of anything the whole time he's been here. He even walked right up to the vacuum while it was running while the other kitties were hiding under the bed in the next room. It made me wonder if maybe he was deaf, but we quickly established that that wasn't the case.
Hanging out with him in the bathroom the first night home.

Looking sleepy before his nap. I just love the white "eye liner" he has.

I love this picture because is displays his wonderful belly spots! They are too cute for words.

Check out the spread toes and the tounge.

Edited to add one more picture. Sleeping with his new daddy.

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where is the cuteness warning!!!! He is just precious that stetching pic is awesome!
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OMG he's like my Jack!!!

He's gorgeous!
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What a gem you've found! So cute!
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He's so cute! If he's not afraid of the vacuum, try using the upholstery brush on him.

I do that to Chynna and she absolutely loves it. She likes to have her ears, nose and tail sucked up into the hose too.
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He is sooo lovely.

I love his eyes too.
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What an absolute doll baby!!!

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Ares is georgous....
his paws, tummy, face...
absolutely precious.
Congratulations are in order. .
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Thanks for all the nice comments!
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Oh wow, he is gorgeous!!!! I love the pic stretched out and his little tongue poking out - so cute!
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Oh my he's adorable! And I love those belly spots! He's too cute for words!
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He is just adorable
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He's so handsome! It's a mystery why he was abandoned, he's too cute! My little bot, Tiger, runs and hides from the vacumm but Angel would walk right up to it too!
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OMG that tummy is to die for!!!!
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Oh he's handsome!! You must be thrilled to have this new addition, congratulations!
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Oh my god he is SOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!
What a sweet little angel!
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