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Sick or psycho?

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My 3 yr old calico is normally VERY active. She is basically a teenage hoodlum (self-supporting in kittenhood). Her big sister is shy and skittish-(abused in kittenhood).

We were away for a 3 week vacation, during which they had a catsitter visit every day for TLC and play. A reliable teenager whom they know.
We came back a week ago and found that the behavior of both our cats has changed.

Shy Girl is now pretty clingy, meowing for attention and wanting constant petting. We are dealing with that, and she seems to be relaxing. Frankly, it is nice to have her sit calmly next to me sometimes.

Thug Girl was initially thrilled to see us, and needed a lot of TLC. But over the past 4 days she has become very inactive. Her normal hangout is DD's room, but for 2 days it seemed like she never left it. (Water is provided in that room, but nothing else) DD then caught her getting ready to pee on the bed, rushed her downstairs to the litter box, which the ThugGirl used. When we carried her to her food dish she ate ravenously. Then she walked to the nearest corner, laid down, and spent the next 12 hours there! Same thing the next day. She stays where she is put, and won't even walk to the food bowl on her own, though she eats well it we take her there or put food in front of her. She plays with a string dangled in front of her, but won't chase anything.

Initially this behavior was milder: Not following her usual outdoor trails. submitting to being picked up when outside, waiting at the front door to be let in instead of hopping the backfence to the catdoor. We thought it was because of our long absence. But it is pretty extreme now.

She is going to the vet today, but she has no limp. No belly tenderness. Her gums are pink. No diarrhea. So I can't think what this could be.

Any ideas?

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I don't really have any ideas on what it might be but it sounds to me like she may not be feeling well.

I am glad that you are taking her to the vet today and am interested to know what happens from there.

Hope she starts feeling better soon!
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Sure sounds like a UTI to me!
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I hope she's OK! To me, it sounds like they had a great time with their catsitter while you were gone! Shy Girl has become less shy,maybe from hours of cuddles and play?? And I would even guess that Thug Girl about played herself out and maybe played a little too hard? Just my thoughts,but I think you had a very good catsitter!! Let us know how the vet visit went!
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Thank you for your replies and ideas!

The vet found an ulcer on her tongue, bout she shows no other problems. He did some blood work to check for anemia, kidney/liver problems, etc., but does not think they will show much. So she may just have a bit of a virus.

She is a little perkier tonight, so she may be recovering on her own.

Thanks again!

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Good luck! When I first got Little Kitty she was so sick she couldnt move herself, and she had some kind of infection. They never did tell me exactly what it was. hopefully it is nothing servere. Get well soon!
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