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peeved huff?

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I have a 2 year old (spayed) female DSH named Kermitte. We've had her since she was 4 months old. About 2 months ago, we got a male kitten who is now 4 months old (got him @ 8 weeks old) that we named Elmo. He and Kermitte get along wonderfully. They often snuggle together, they give each other baths, and having Elmo around has certainly helped Kermitte's belly get smaller (:LOL: ). But as he's gotten older, Elmo has become more 'persistent' with Kermitte. When he wants to play and she doesn't, he doesn't seem to get the hint, even when she gives him a couple of good, solid bops on the nose.:tounge2: On a few occasions, we've seen Kermitte ousted out of the 'nest' by Elmo. When that happens, her ears go back, her tails starts swishing, she stares at Elmo and gives him a "huff". It's like she's trying to hiss, but doesn't open her mouth. Anyone know what that means?

(whoever said cats were boring should spend an afternoon at our house!! lol)
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She is telling him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone! There isn't much you can do but let them sort it out. (Unless you want to get a third kitty! LOL) Best of luck!
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I've noticed that Isha... who normally LOVES kittens, with play with them all the time and enjoy it... but once the kitten gets a bit older and can stand up for itself more in a play fight, Isha loses interest in the kitten.

But yeah, your cat is telling the other to back off... LOL.
Just make sure the older gal has a spot to retreat to away from rambunctious kittens when she want's to.
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