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Well, my last overnight trip was to Gettysburg and it was awesome! I would recommend it to anyone!
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I don't count our periodic trips to Vancouver Island as vacation, since we go for a few days to touch base with family, but I would indeed recommend it to anyone.

Our last vacation was last summer to central Mexico. We went with our choir on a tour there, stayed in San Miguel de Allende, and visited Guanajuato, Atotonilco, Queretero, El Pueblito and some went to the hot springs at La Gruta. It was a totally awesome time. All things being equal, we will be going back in 2009, and I for one am deeeeeeeeeeeeeelighted. Yes, I would certainly recommend it.
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Hmmm, I don't go anywhere that cool. I go to Ottawa when I go on vacation. It is a nice city though
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I've not been on vacation since I was a little girl so I wouldn't suggest it to anyone. Family is so...scary!!
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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
Yup-it was hot, but the humidity was much different!! They say you dont sweat there......umm, I recall sweating while we walked the strip!! Oh, and we stayed at the Excalibur!!
Our last "so-called" vacation was June of 2006.

We were going for the week of my husbands b-day which would be thursday of the week we were there.
To make a long story shorter.....Hey, I tried

We were having a great time.
We stayed at the Alladin for the first time. Awesome beds!!!
The last 3 times we stayed at the Excalibur and LOVED it, just wanted to check out the others.
We got married at the Excalibur Hotel Chapel in May of 2000. It was so nice and they were awesome to work with from Indiana to set it up.
First time either of us had ever been to Las Vegas and I almost didn't make the flight because I was sooooo terrified and hyperventilating, crying, etc...
Anyway we go back because it holds such a great experience for us both.

That thursday I woke up feeling a little rough, and had no alcohol the night before. 5 night trip. Got up went out doing our thing, by 1pm I was back at the room to take a "short" nap. I ended up having heat stroke!
I spent the night up and down every 10-20 min. and was more miserable than words can describe.
Bad enough I was sick, it was my husbands birthday and I was in NO condition to go anywhere..
I was still very sick when we had to check out friday morning by 11am.
Waited at the airport till 6:45pm for our flight home not knowing what my body would do next. ;(

So, my last vacation was a Disaster and I am waiting for the one this year, (next 2-3 months) to override it in my mind.

Not sure where we're going but it won't be Vegas this year.
Don't misunderstand me....I LOVEEEE Las Vegas, I just won't go in June, July or August again.
Wanna see that guy that won "America's Got Talent" there at Bally's when I go next. They offered him a gig there with his million dollar prize.

Hope your vacations turn out better!!

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