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Help, I think Tilly is in Labour

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Hi everyone,
I had a very restless nights sleep and was dreaming all night about Tilly having her babies.
I got up about half an hour ago and she was under the stairs in the birthing box I've prepared for her.
She's been making some very strange noises and then i noticed this rather golf ball size shiny dark red ball coming out of her birth canal. she won't let me leave her and when i come out of there she follows me.
My daughter is watching her as I type this quickly to you.
Anyway this shiny thing came out and she's eaten it.. i think her waters have just broken too.
She keeps bending forward and licking her foof..

Is she going to have her babies soon?

I'm panicking now lol

Janey xx
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That DEFINITELY sounds like labor!!!!

Just take a deep breath.

When all the babies come out, make sure she eats the placentas, COUNT THEM.
This is very important. If she doesn't eat them all, dispose of whatever she doesn't want but ensure for each baby, there's one sac.

Good luck!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of your new little arrivals.
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Hi Danimarie,
Wow this is really it then! My hearts beating like a drum hahaha
She keeps getting out of her box and wandering around the kitchen. I keep putting her back in there, but she's a wanderer.
Thanks so much for the advice about the placentas. I'll keep a close eye on her.

Will keep you all posted as the labour develops
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This is a very exciting time.

My Lily did the same thing, I just kept putting her back in her birthing box and finally she settled in.

It's normal for them to pace a little, a lot is going on!!!

And doesn't that meowing noise they make break your heart??? Poor little angel. Labor pains aren't fun for anyone, but it's all natural and everything will be fine.

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nothing to report yet. She's still wandering from her box, but she keeps going back to it. She's got her litter tray and food under the stairs now too, and she keeps having a nibble at her food
She's purring like a pneumatic drill and is very restless like you say.
She keeps running up to me and the children and wants a fuss, bless her.
My other kitty poppy is pacing too and I don't think she knows what's going on lol

Now that her waters have broken and her plug has come away, how long roughly can we expect her to start delivering?

I'm no good at this midwife lark. god help me when my children grow up and have children of their own.. I'll be a nervous wreck!
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I think I was lucky.... when Lily went into labor, all four kittens were born within 3-4 hours.
As soon as the plug came out, the first kitten was out within a half an hour!

It happened very quickly and efficiently...but I've read others on here who have waited much longer.

Just keep an eye on her and if after a while she seems to be in any distress call an emergency vet. (not to worry you, I'm sure things will be fine)

Patience is key here.
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Thanks again for some much needed advice Danimarie. I need all the help I can get
Well she's back in her box and has hidden herself under the duvet cover in there. She won't let us leave where she is. If we move, she miaows like mad and follows us around until one of us goes back in there with her.
What a mardy bum lol
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Originally Posted by tillypop View Post
What a mardy bum lol
a lot of people wont know what that means

well anyway lots of soothing birthing vibes whizzing over for sweey Lilly
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Oops hehe.. basically she's been a big baby is what I should have said

Well still no signs of any babies yet. Tilly seems happy to flit from her box and wandering around.

Is this ok and should I be worried that she hasn't started delivering yet? Her waters broke at about 8.25am this morning
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have you spoken with your does sound like she might need attention.

What is her mood like - any signs of distress...........and can you feel the kittens moving about as if they are coming ?
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Woohoo I'm so excited!
Tilly has just delivered her first kitten!! It's a little ginger tabby and She's nursing on tilly already.
Tilly didn't make a peep when she delivered her, infact I didn't even know she'd had her until I went in and checked on her as She's pulled the cover over them both

Will keep you posted about any more little arrivals

Janey xxx
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Awwwww wonderful!!!!

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Yes, stay with her. Sounds like the placenta she was eating. Do not let her walk around - keep her confined to the birthing box.
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I know I'm grinning from ear to ear!
I'm just concerned about the fact that Tilly has pulled the cover over her and the baby as it makes it difficult to see what's going on.
I tried to move the cover off them a bit and Tilly didn't like it, so I've left them.

I'll go back in now and just keep watch
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Have they all come yet? How many has she had? I hope all it well.

Congratulations from a fello brit with 4 day old kittens

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Any news yet? Sitting here waiting patiently!! Congratulations!!
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I'm pleased to report that Tilly has had 3 beautiful babies!!
Both mother and babies are doing really well and all babies are feeding wonderfully.
Tilly didn't make a peep during the birth, she's been absolutely fantastic through it all.
She's fast asleep at the moment, which is hardly surprising really lol
I promise to take some pictures tomorrow and I'll be sure to post them up.

All the babies are remarkably similar and are ginger tabbies with various distinctive markings of white to set them apart.

They're soooo tiny but thriving
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I can't wait for pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im glad she had a safe delivery and healthy kittens. cant wait to see pictures.
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Congratualtions on the safe delivery!

Can't wait to see pics of the new bundles of joy!
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Yay! Congrats on the kittens and send Tilly lots of love!
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aww just checking in - glad all went well

Give mum a chin tickle from us
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Awww thanks for the warm wishes everyone, I shall be sure to pass them on to Tilly

Mother and babies are doing well and Tilly has even been out from under the stairs this morning to say hello. She feels quite safe leaving the babies for a few minutes.

I can't tell you how tiny they are, but all are feeding really well.

My children have been really good too and haven't meddled with the kittens or Tilly. They've just observed by peeking around the door.

I'll post some pics up in a minute too
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