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Coming to America

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Looks as if I am getting my first holiday I've had in ages.

Richard has told me that he has set up a saving account so we can enjoy our 1st proper holiday together and we are hoping to go to Orlando (The big mouse has been talking to me and he wants me to go see him) or Las Vegas, for october time - we still need to save up quite a bit of money so going then will give us plenty of time.

I feel like such a kid at the moment it's untrue, one of my childhood wishes was to go to Disney.

Last year was a pretty rotten one and this year was meant to be saving up for decorating the house and planning for any new additions, but I guess the 2 of us enjoying ourselfs and getting a break is important.

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You will have a blast at Disney World. There are so many things to do in the Orlando area that you could stay for several weeks and not have a chance to do everything you want to.
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Marie, that sounds absolutely fantastic!!!! Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lol You know what is funny? I have always wanted to go to the UK!!! ((I've never been to Flordia, either, if you can believe that!))
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Me too, I have always wanted to go to the UK, especially to visit where my Poppa is from (Cornwall/Devonshire).
I also would love to visit Florida!
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I have been saving quarters for 2 months and have $100.00 in them already! Just keep puting all for change in a can,it will add up quick! I also have been saving all my change,do not know how much I have all together. Good Luck hope you make it!And keep us posted.
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Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
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I got a lot of quarters, dimes and nickels in cans, as well as too many pennies. No idea what to do with them LOL. Maybe use it for my ticket back home to New Zealand!
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You REALLY would be surpised how fast that stuff adds up. CHA CHING!
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We took our honeymoon at Disney World! THere's lots more to do in Orlando, too. LOVE THE MOUSE!

But Vegas is fun - and has amusement parks and stuff as well! There is more to do there than Disney!!!!

I know I'm not helping, but - either way, you'll have a blast.

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My grandparents lived in Orlando, so I got to go to Disney World several times. It's way cool, and I wish I could go back as an adult (the Haunted Mansion was always my fave ride). Epcot Center was really neat, too, and it's supposedly gotten better. Hope you enjoy your trip to the US-I'd love to visit Britain, Ireland and Scotland (where my Dad's ancestors are from).
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Lucky you!

I've always wanted to go to the States. I especially want to see Boston, New York, Washington and New England. I'm also quite fascinated by New Orleans.

But I guess it's such a diverse country there's something interesting in most states.

My most overriding general impression is from the crop-duster scene in North By Northwest by Hitchcock. Just masses and masses of huge expanse with a very big sky.

Ideally I'd love to just arrive, get in a car and drive. But I think that's probably very impractical in terms of time and money.

Hey ho. Roll on winning the lottery (tricky as I don't play it)!!
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My brother is just about to buy a bar on the "strip" in San Diego. He hit 40, was made redundant, sold his flat, has no partner or children and decided he didn't want to be a wage slave anymore. Anyone looking for a 41 year old, solvent, single, Irish (but with an English accent), Catholic man in the San Diego area?

I am looking forward to my holiday to visit him either Autumn-time or next Spring. I am also doing that collect small-change thing to see how much I can save up.
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I've been to Disney World 3 times! It is a blast! Make sure you visit Epcot! It's the best part in my opinion. You may also want to visit Pleasure Island. It has all kinds of cool night clubs! Don't miss the Haunted House or Space Mountain they are the best rides!
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Well my heart is set on Disney - but being such a big kid that isn't a suprise

Las Vegas seems more affordable so we will keep counting the pennies and decide closer to the time.

Either way it will be a fantastic holiday.

I always find it strange that so many Brits get really excited about the prospect of getting away from the rainy greyness and seeing America and Americans always want to come to England. Scotland would be my recomendation for anyone who wants to come to the UK, lots of countryside and great nightlife in the cities.
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You DO NOT have to stay in the hotels that are IN Disney World!!!!!! Even if you do, you still have to take busses or boats or trains to the various theme parks within "the World." There are so many hotels in Orlando - and if you're going in October, you should be able to get great rates, as that IS an off-season. You may be disappointed as one or more of the rides within the Magic Kingdom may be shut down for maintenance (one time we were there Space Mountain was closed!), but while entrance to the Parks may be expensive - you'll blow it gambling in Vegas anyway!

If you want "The World," I'm SURE you'll find a way!

(I like Epcott best too! I LOVE the moroccan food in the around-the-world area of Epcott!)

...and PS. When you're in The Magic Kingdom, we know the ONLY spot where you can see BOTH Tinkerbell (who flies from the castle) AND the fireworks at the end of the Parade (every night). Most people think they have to choose between the two. But you CAN see both. The spot is in the old West part of the Magic Kingdom, at the stockades. Go pick your prime spot a little early. It's worth it! (And if you go to Disney World, don't you DARE forget this bit of information!!!)
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Laurie is right about the hotels. If you are going on a budget, stay at a hotel near the parks. They all have shuttles from the airport to the hotels (this may cost you a fee) and shuttles to the theme parks (these are usually free). I stayed at a Best Western once and it was about $40 a night.

Space Mountain gave me the willies (in a good way, of course!) Epcot is cool and Animal Kingdon is fun, too. The efficiency and vision of the Magic Kingdom just amazes me!
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Marie, You are not acting childish; you're being childlike, which is wonderful. I went to Disney World in California two years ago and had a wonderful time!

Kellye, My father is from Devonshire, too- Bradninch, near Exeter, to be exact! My cousins are still living there, although some moved to Australia. I really want to go, but I'm nervous about flying that far. My mom took me to Glasgow when I was a baby, but she took an ocean liner. I could handle that! However, can you imagine what that would cost? I just have to go, somehow.
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