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My sweet Marbles (sorry, long)

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My sweet Marbles passed on August 3rd in the early hours of the morning. He was only two months shy of turning 2. I so miss him. It has taken me these several weeks to put into words my feelings for him.
My story really begins with losing another baby of mine, Princess. She was my love. I got her when I was 13 and I babied her. When she passed in her 17th year I died inside and thought I would never be able to love another cat like her.
Several months after her passing, we decided to adopt two kittens (a brother and sister). Snickers and Marbles quickly made their way into our hearts. Snickers is a sweetie but has always been more of a "catty" cat. She loves to interact with our other cats and her brother, Marbles but only wants to be pet when she wants it. Marbles on the other hand quickly became a mommy's boy. He would follow me around every where. He always wanted to know where I was. I would "chudder" at him and he would always respond. He loved to curl up on my lap. He always had a purr ready for me. If I was gone and my hubby was home , he would constantly go and meow and my husband as if to ask where I was at. He would be waiting at the door when I would come back. He was so active. He would run around wildly playing with his toy mouse...sliding down the hallway to chase after it.
He was the picture of it seemed. A month before he had a UTI which we got cleared up. On the morning of July 31st at 5 am he woke me up with crawling on my chest and meowing and purring at me. He did this a lot if he wanted pets and love from me. I of course gave him some love. All seemed fine that morning. He was active and nothing seemed wrong. When the afternoon came, I heard a horrible yowling from him and he threw-up. I felt bad for him and thought I should keep my eye on him. It wasn't until in the early evening that He yowled again, Threw-up then went to the litter box and yowled while he had horrible diarrhea. He then became very lethargic. I felt him and he was warm. I took him to the emergency vet. They did blood work and everything seemed fine. It showed he was dehydrated but nothing else. They had me leave him there over night and pick him up in the morning to take him to his day vet. He was not himself. He did not want to be picked up and he did not even seem to acknowledge me. I did not get to spend any time with him except to take him from day vet to night vet and back again for the next two days. He was so lethargic. They did tons on x-rays and tests and finally decided late Aug. 2nd that he probably had a blockage and they needed to do surgery. Of course we were glad to hear that it was something that surgery could take care of and we could get our precious Marbles back to good health and back to the Marbles we love. So we went to bed praying all would go well.
I was awoken by they phone at 1:30 am on the 3rd. The news was devastating. They said when they opened him they did not find what they hoped. They found no blockage. Instead they found that 90% of his colon was dead...they did not know why. They still had him on the operating table, under sedation when they called. They said that we could either have them close him back up and we could go see a specialist about it but that the quality of life he would have would be very poor if we could do anything about it. Or we could have him put to sleep and let our precious one be put out of pain.
We made the very hard choice to put him out of his misery. We did not get to say good-bye to him. No real closure.
I cannot believe my sweet boy is gone.
I miss you my precious Marbles. You left a hole in my heart that none other can fill. Rest in peace my sweet boy.
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I am so very very sorry to read about Marbles. What a special boy he was to come into your life and heal your heart. I know you must feel so devastated. He was so young and vibrant and it happened so suddenly. I understand the pain you feel. Our boys are playing together over Rainbow Bridge. We will see them again someday and they are healthy now with no more pain.

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Oh my word that's so sad, i'm so sorry

Know that Marbles is alive and well over at Rainbow Bridge and he'll be waiting for you

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i am so very sorry for your loss, he is playing happily over at rainbow bridge now.
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Thank you for sharing the story of Marbles and Princess. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

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This truly made me cry. Losing a beloved pet is like losing a family member that you love very much. I know he is now at peace over at Rainbow Bridge.
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Originally Posted by BarkleysJester View Post
This truly made me cry. Losing a beloved pet is like losing a family member that you love very much. I know he is now at peace over at Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you. Yes, it is very much like losing a family member. I was thankful to find this forum to be able to share with others that see cats as more than "just animals".
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I hope this picture can paint for you, the thousand words that I am unable to express.

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I am so sorry for your loss.

RIP Marbles
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RIP Sweet Marbles
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