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Chase UTI again (still?)

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The poor boy. I think the vet I was rather unhappy with for our last trip took him off his meds too soon. I finally took him to the vet again today, and requested the Dr. I always request for my dog (she adores him, actually snapped at one of the others!), because he was getting worse about not eating much, and seemed dehydrated.. So, the poor kitty was subjected to Sub-Q fluids (hehee.. the fluid pocket looks so silly flopping around..), and put on Orbax again. The vet found blood in the urine, and sent it off to the lab to check for crystals or anything of the sort.

I feel so bad for my Chasey.. he really needs to get over this so he can be his happy old self again. I really hope he gets better before my vacation in a couple weeks, at least.. I'd feel so awful leaving him behind sick.. My family will still be here with him, but he's MY baby, you know?
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Aw! I'm so sorry your baby isn't feeling well. We call the Sub Q fluids a "Capri Sun" because of the similarity of a straw going in a juice box.
They do look silly with the camel hump!
I hope your boy feels better soon!

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His didn't stay up near his back, it settled down further after a couple hours, making it look extra silly, hehe. He is definitely better hydrated today, the skin goes back down as usual. He seems to feel a bit better because of that, but he's still not eating well. Of course, he's only had two pills so far, so can't expect him to be better yet. The silly thing will devour people food, though. I may have to offer him some chicken or something if he's not eating a bit more by morning.
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Pippin was always picking at his food, especially when fighting a UTI. I had good luck sprinkling a little brewer's yeast on his wet food to stimulate his appetite.
How's he feeling tonight?

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I haven't tried the brewer's yeast yet. I can get him to eat a little if I sprinkle Parmesan cheese over the food, usually. He's been begging a lot, but not eating much. He ate maybe an ounce of food for his dinner. But he's only had two doses of his meds, so ... I'm still hopeful.
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What is he on for meds? Currently Mitties is on Clavamox for the fifth day. She seems much, much better and isn't dribbling anymore, but is still making several trips to the box with very little results. Not quite as frequent though... so I'm hoping this thing is on it's way out.

I know how you feel. It's so hard when they're not feeling well. Poor babies. Vibes for Chase!
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The vet called and said the lab found no crystals. So at least he's got one thing going for him. He is currently on Orbax once a day. He is still really just picking at his food. I started giving him some Benebac today in hopes that will help keep him from feeling sick from the antibiotics.

Thankfully, he has NEVER had any litterbox problems along with his UTIs. His only real symptoms are not eating and just plain looking like he doesn't feel well. He doesn't seem to have any troubles going. I hope Mitties starts to feel better soon, too! She looks a little like Chase did before he became this pathetic scrawny thing he is now.
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AWE (((HUGS))) for Chase.

Max is half way in to week 2 of Clavamox & will be done on saturday when he sees the vet to see if his 2 weeks of treatment has rid him of his Severe UTI that he had when we adopted him 1.5 weeks ago now.

He is playful & seems to be doing great. I'm hoping that when I take him into the vet this saturday that he will be free & clear

Bad ol' UTI's
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Aww, I hope your baby's UTI has cleared up! It seems like everyone gets Clavamox, yet I've never had it given to me once for any of my babies here.
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Yes, UTI's are no fun for them OR for us. The first UTI she had, it was mild and cleared up quickly with Clavamox. No litterbox problems.

Her second UTI was more severe and she was obviously in pain and not feeling well. She was "dripping" and it was definitely bloody, and she was trying to go in other places, like blankets on the floor or my couch. The house was starting to smell like cat pee (NOT GOOD!!!) even despite my constant cleaning and spraying Nature's Miracle (really is a MIRACLE!!!). So, I gave her her own room with it's own litterbox and food/water for two days. She was happy to be left alone and the smell was confined to one room which was easy to take care of. Plus, she didn't drive us nuts with her constant scratching in the litter box! She's now feeling good enough to be out here with us again which is good.

Whatever works, right?

And, I have stocked up on Nature's Miracle. I couldn't believe how well it worked! A life saver!
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Summer's first vet gave her Clavamox and it didn't work. She needed the Orbox which cleared it up. The net cat-only vet decided to stop giving clavamox because it wasn't working for UTIs. They found Baytril works the best. Have them try something else if the clavamox doesn't seem to be clearing it up. Hope he feels better soon.
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He's on Orbax. I can't tell if it isn't working, or if it is just making him sick. The Amoxi he had last time definitely made him feel sick. So unless he stops eating altogether, I'm sticking with it for at least a week, then getting him retested. He's been getting all the stuff he normally never gets. Meow Mix cups, Fancy Feast Medleys, Solid Gold Tuna. Anything to keep him eating, you know? He IS eating, just not as much as he should be.

I may ask the vet for some Nutri-Cal tomorrow when I go to pick up a tube of BeneBac (I only have these tiiiny tubes they sell at Petsmart for puppies/kittens, so it will run out fast). Anyone know how much either usually costs? I don't want to get ripped off by the vet if I can get it more reasonably elsewhere.
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Just in case anyone is curious...

Chase seems to have a good appetite. He's begging a lot, but then he only eats a few bites. So I think the meds are just making him feel sick to his stomach. For now he is on BeneBac and getting supplemented with Nutri-Cal until we finish the course of antibiotics. Then the vet will re-test him and hopefully he can be done with this. If not, we'll probably look into a different medicine, in hopes that he will get back to eating more.
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