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Torn and looking for Advice/Help

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I have a 16yr old main coon who is in need of a temporary new home, For 1 yr. I am transferring home's and the home I am going to for a yr does not allow me to bring her. I have had her since she was3. She is declawed/Neutered and never ever goes outside. She is a total mush. I am so torn up inside trying to figure out what to do.

She has been sick recently, and I felt that my current vet was running me around in circles about her health, so I took her to a brand new vet today, and says for a 16yr old cat she's got a great heart, still vibrant, we just don't know what's wrong. Other than a bladder infection, and a high kidney level (which she stated she does not believe it's Kidney Disease) but perhap's cancer in her belly, because she has been vomiting, and is a tad bit dehydrated.

So here is my dilemma. I have already spent WAY over my limit for Vet bills this summer (to the point where my new husband took away my check book). He is no where near as attached to the situation as I am. I can't help it, I have had her since 1991, and I hate seeing her age. She is supposed to live forever, and I'm not supposed to let her go. I know this. I know why she was brought into my life, but at the same time I am newly married and have the oppurtunity of a lifetime that I can't pass up, and I don't want to abandon her, or give her to a shelter (where I know she would be put down before she would get adopted at her age unfortunatly), I just don't know what to do.

Do I let the vet do the ultra sound of her complete belly see if it's cancer and then have her put down? (I don't want to see her suffer), I couldnt bear it. I can't bear it now that she has lost weight and we can't put a finger on why, A urinary tract infection would not cause the vomiting or weight loss.

I have looked into several cat sanctuary's and unfortunatly I don't have 1500 dollars to put her into a retirement home. I've also tried calling Tiger Ranch and I can't get an answer, and she is in pittsburgh that's an 8hr drive from here. And do I know she will get the love and attention she needs?

I also don't have any other choices. I do not have family or friends that can take her for me. Ugh I am just torn up inside and having been cryng for weeks about this. She is my world, and I am in a no win situation.

I've called foster places in my area, they are over whelmed with cat's, and can't take another one in.

If anybody reads this and has any advice, comment's feel free to leave them. I just needed to write my thought's out, so please pardon the rambling, I'm just a torn parent and I don't know which path to take. Quality of life is one thing, selfishness is another..

In a million yrs i never thought i would be put into this situation, but I am and I have to choose something and I just dont know what.
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I would do the utlra sound. If it is cancer and she is already sick it might just be her time. 16 years old for a cat is like 80 years old in a human.
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I agree with the previous poster. It is probably just a matter of now or later, and do you really want her to be with a stranger while she is going through the final days of her life. I would keep her comfortable and as long as I could and then a decision has to be made, a decision that is best for her, no matter how hard it is for you.
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Decisions! Decisions!

Congrats on your new marriage!

Thats a tough decision about your cat...thats sad that you can't take her with you We would say get a vet appt to see if anything is wrong with her...at least you can know if she is healthy enough to go into another home. Whatever happens, you will make the right decision no matter how hard it may be. We wish you could take her with you too!

Best Wishes for you & your hubby...and of course your cat! Update us all when you can!
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She's been there for you for 16 years. She was your companion before your husband came into your life, she has loved you and brought smiles to your face. You cannot abandon her now after all she's given to you. If your new husband loves you, even if he is not attached to the cat in the same way that you are, he should support you in this -- in caring for someone who has been with you throughout the last 16 years (esp knowning how much this is affecting you). I do not mean to sound harsh, but by being there for her, I do not mean determining she has cancer or whatever else, and PTS, but caring for her until her quality of life is outweighed by the illness afflicting her.
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I agree that you should do the ultrasound on her tummy and then go from there.

If she does have cancer, then I think you should discuss the prognosis and what options you have with your vet.

If she doesn't and is relatively healthy, then you will still have some tough decisions to make as far as finding her a home and where.

I wish you luck for your kitty and you.
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Thank you all for your feed back. I reallly appreciate them all. I didn't think anyone was even going to read it. So it made me feel a heck of alot better knowing people care.

I called the vet this morning. She is going in tomorrow morning for a full sonogram of her belly. Take it from there.

Came home from work she has thrown up again so that's not the best sign that everything is ok.:

Back ground of the situation: We moved and enlisted a new vet about 2yrs ago (one that everyone recomended) so I went to them. Since the day we walked in the door 2 yrs ago I felt like I was getting the round around, and sad to say but I felt like they were just milking me for more money cause they know I would do Anything for her. They had me convinced at one point she had heart disease. Mind you this was on a day for just a reg check up, and she seemed totally fine. Vet took out the stestiscope and said yup heart disease. Recomend hospital. Drove all the way to the hospital with her, saw the specialist 2,000 later Nothing was wrong with her. She has an enlarged heart that is enherited from her parent's. Nothing irregular nothing on the x-ray looked at me like why are you here. *Should have known then*. Continued with this vet, and finally this last time drew the last straw.
640.00 for Urinalyisis,Super Chem,Thyroid Profile,Ultrasound of the bladder, and a culture. And the phone call came back as "well kidneys are high" but not extreme and oh she has a bladder infection. That was it. Nothing explained of why she is getting sick why she is down to 5.6 pnds.

So off to the new vet we went. Man I wish I knew about them 2yrs ago, this woman was FANTASTIC with us. Read all the blood work to me, and said Lets find out WHY she is loosing weight, why she is getting sick. Sure she has a bladder infection but that doesnt explain "why", and whats wrong. FINALLY someone who thinks like me.

So thats where we stand tonight. Off to the vet in the AM hopefully to get some answers. I will keep you posted.
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