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cat going outside...major prob!

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ok, i feel really bad about this one.

when we first got Hestia, her adoption papers said that she was used to going out on balconies, so we were happy with that given the fact that we had two of them.

However, upon letting her outdoors, we realized that there was a slight twist to this: she doesn't just sit on the deck...she actually jumps up on top of the balcony rails and looks out, even lays there! I mean, we are on the third floor and she has had her fair share of almost falling!

I really want to let her out because she deserves outside time every day, but i can't because i seriously fear for her life! one time when she was laying on the rail there was a really loud car on the road which scared her, and she toppled backwards, thank goodness onto the deck!

omg, my poor baby and her behavior probs!! help please, summer is almost over and i still want for her to enjoy it!
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You cannot let your cat out on the deck. She will indeed go over the side and fall to the ground and die or be badly injured.

You need to think along the lines that you should no more let her go on the deck and sit on the railing than you would let a tiny child do the same.

Cats are not as graceful as everybody thinks; they do indeed fall from balconies, cat trees, lofts, and other high places, and they do sustain serious injuries or they don't make it at all.

I'm glad you wrote for advice. Your cat will be very happy with a screen to look out of; she will adjust beautifully if you get toys and spend quality time playing with you. In the end nothing substitutes for your kitty more than a really good play session with you, her mother.
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See if your landlord will allow you to enclose the balcony with really strong screens (Google cat enclosures for ideas). You cannot let her alone out there.
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Have you thought about harness training her? She'd still get some outdoor time but be safe.
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I have both a screened in deck and have been teaching my cats to use a harness and leash, The screen is great, they dont get tangled in it and they enjoy the freedom.
If you are able to put up a screen it is the best thing I have done, and it keeps out the bugs..lol

As for the harness I do not use it on the deck but in the yard and the poor guys think that I am putting a 50lb weight on their backs it is very funny :o)

So if you cant screen it in, get her use to the harness and then she can still enjoy the outside, just make sure it is not too long so that she can jump on the rail and you will have to keep an eye on her that she does not get it off.

Good luck
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oh, thank you so much everyone!!

we do let her sit in the window behind the screen all the time and she really likes that; however, she is desperate to get outside at any chance that the door opens. I have tried sitting with her out on the deck but she still jumps on the railings. We put misquito netting around the entire bottom of the railing and that keeps her from looking out of that rails that way, but she still jumps on top.

I hadn't thought of the harness idea though...perhaps she might agree to that. I can sit out there with her while she's in it so that she doesn't feel so confined. I just can't wait until we have a bigger place so that she can roam around more, and perhaps go outside in a backyard!
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