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Something for the pain?

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Mitties is on day 3 of her Clavamox for her UTI. It was a bad one this time, and I know how painful a bladder infection can be. Can I give her anything for the pain? Or does she just have to deal with it until the medication can get things under control. I just feel so bad for her.
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You can ask the vet about pain medicines. I would not recommend Metacam as it has been linked to possible kidney problems. Also avoid using anything found at home as human pain medicines like Tylenol, Advil, and aspirin can be deadly.
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Maybe you could ask the vet about giving her something salty that will make her drink more fluids? Drinking more fluids should help get the meds going through her and make her feel better.

I don't know if you give her a lot of wet food, but if she likes it you might give her a bit more that usual to get more fluids in her.
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I have given Metacam to my Pippin when he had UTIs and such. It helps bring down the inflammation as well.
Any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory carries risks, especially to cats, so the dosage should always be quickly lowered and as small as possible. You may want to talk to your vet to see if it's a good choice for your pet. Some cats are VERY sensitive to it and will show problems within a short period.
My experience has been very good with it. Both cats in my household who took it were helped VERY quickly. One had a broken toe and was able to move around much better. Pippin took it on and off for FLUTD symptoms and always showed a remarkable improvement.
Pippin also took low dosages of Valium. I'm not sure if it helped with the pain so much as just relaxed him and made him feel better. He got very cuddly when he was on Valium. It helped with the straining in the box as well.

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While Metacam may be effective, the only approved use it has in cats is as a single dose injection after surgery, not for oral administration. If the manufacturer could prove that oral use is safe in cats, they would likely to do so. Since they can't, I'm not going to give the substance to my cats--it's nephrotoxic (see the bottom of their page: http://www.metacam.us/index.lasso?page=pain&GUI=gui_1) and cats are at risk for kidney problems already just because they're cats. It's just not worth it to me. I did give it to my cat several years ago without being warned about the risks. Had I known what I know now, I would never have given it to her. I think each owner should be allowed to make an informed choice on what they give their cats. For more discussion of Metacam risks, which includes questions to ask the vet, go here.

All NSAIDs are contraindicated in cats, and I refuse to give that class of drug to mine. There are other pain medications available with fewer or different risks, such as Buprenorphine and Tramadol
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