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You and I were meant to be,
a relationship no one else could see;
a friendship, unique to you and me,
and for eighteen years, we lived happily.

For eighteen years, your love never faltered,
like a wild horse, never bridled or haltered;
you were always there, when my eyes watered,
and dried my tears, you were never bothered.

Then, tragedy struck, on a cold November night
we all knew it, you had lost your fight;
in your eyes, there was no life; no light
only a void, and I knew through that sight,
That you were gone; your spirit had taken flight.

It will take time to get over your leaving
and let my heart over you stop bleeding;
sometimes, to sleep I go grieving,
my emotions fragile and heaving.

You, my eyes keep seeing,
but not believing.

Though you're gone,
your memory lives on;

In memory of Jiggs Cowan
April 1st, 1978
November 22nd, 1996.

'Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, take care of yourself my sweetheart.
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Thank you for that lovely tribute. They are wonderful friends, and it hurts so desperately to lose them. You'll see him again, I'm sure.
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It is so hard when they leave us.
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