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Sleeping Under My Recliner

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Recently my newest addition Misty has taken to laying down under my recliner while the foot rest is in the down position. She does not seem to be going there specifically to hide, she just seems to like the dark place to lay down. I have tried to get into the habit of accounting for everyone before I sit down, afraid she might get injured when the chair rocks or the internal parts get her. When I see her there I always shoo her out but she still wants to go under the chair.

Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to either break her of this or something to deter her from going under the chair? My only thought was a fabric flap attached to the bottom so it rests on the floor and she can not see under the chair and get curious. Any other suggestions appreciated.

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Haha, I personally don't think there's a way to stop this... Oliver does it all the time - we have a single recliner plus the 2 love seats are basically 2 connected recliners each... they all have fabric flaps (part of the furniture) that go to the floor and that doesn't deter him at all.... yeah, we pretty much just check to see where he is before flipping up the foot rest - I guess he thinks it's his own little fort - it's one of his favorite places to run when the vacuum turns on, then he usually takes a nap there once the vacuum's off...
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my old cat used to do that too. To her, that spot under the recliner was her secret spot. When we were children, she always needed a safe hiding spot from us meddling kids, and the recliner was it! It was just dark, quiet, and private for her...i guess she felt safe from us hooligans!

Perhaps this is the same for you and your cat. It's not the most convenient spot, but if you give some advance notice before putting your feet in, everything should be alright.
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Maybe some spray cat repellent on the front of the area so it won't be appealing to her?
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