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Shower fun

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So I was drying off from my shower tonight (Midnight and I got covered in mud while he "helped" me to do my yard work) and facing my bathroom cabinets, away from my shower. Chili was at my feet, purring, trying to chew on my toes and attack the towel. As I bent over to dry my feet, something grabbed my BUTT!

I shrieked, whipped around, intending to beat my very stealthy attacker to death with my towel, and Emma falls out of the curtain, not having my butt's support for her front paws anymore.

So she tumbles down onto my feet, tangled up in the red curtain, and threw herself back onto her feet, purring, with a tiny "mrrrrrrt!" as a protest and struts out of the room.

Oh yeah, neither of us were embarrassed. Not at all. Dignity still intact.
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That is too funny. Thanks for the laugh.
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That's pretty funny.
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Big ROFL!!! My money woulda been on Chili for the culprit. Why? I dunno -- maybe because she's torti and "my" torti is quite a jokester...
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Thank you.

YUP, Tara, Chili is almost always the culprit.... my little darling is just a nighmare for me.. I love her for it, though. I wouldn't have her ANY other way.
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that is great! hahaha
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Hahahaha that's so funny!!!!

Great story telling!!!

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Thank you both..

I honestly thought that someone had snuck into the bathroom.. LMAO! It would have beenvery hard to do, though, since I was in between the door and the shower, but hey, if Emma can do it.....
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That is too funny . My kitten likes butts too, I wonder what thats all about?
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Yep, "tortles" -- GOTTA LOVE 'EM!!! They're like colorful clowns, arent' they?
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