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OMG my neighbours cat

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She completely freaked me out... My neighbour is away so has had some people from her work staying at her place keeping the cat company, but they couldn't stay the whole time my neighbour's away so I've been watching her since.

I didn't get to go to her place until 2 days after the others had left because I was super busy, but she has an automatic litter box, automatic feeder, and a big water dispenser so I knew she'd be ok in the meantime.

Well I finally got to go over and couldn't find the kitty anywhere! I searched the townhouse high and low and was beginning to freak out. I went back downstairs and the kitty Cleo was sitting on the back patio area outside!!

I was so mad - at the other people for not making sure she was inside when they left (she gets supervised visits outside), and at myself for not checking on her the day before.

Then last night we had friends over and they left, and I ran back out after them because she'd left her bag behind, and saw Cleo outside again!!!!

I grabbed Cleo, put her back inside, and got DH and made him go investigate with me. The little stinker had knocked a screen out of the window upstairs, then she jumps onto the storage shed which is near the window, then from there onto the patio railing, then onto the ground!!!!

She's a big girl, and frankly I'm impressed that she can do that... I also feel bad for blaming the other people for letting her out, but I feel less guilty about missing one day of seeing her - she was out on the town making her own fun

I'm soooooo glad she's ok though, and we figured out how she was escaping - it was such a mystery! She's quite the sneaky kitty!
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Sometimes they are just too smart for their own good. I'm glad Cleo is nice and safe.
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They can be SO sneaky! And, I'm sure that almost gave you a heart attack...glad you figured out how she got out. My poor friend took care of my cats one time I went away. The last night, she only counted 4 before she left (she knew there were 5), so she spent hours outside trying to find Monkey. She was in tears when I came home, thinking Monkey ran out when she opened the door. Here she was hiding under the bed! I don't know why...something must have spooked her. Once she saw me she was fine.

Things like that are scary, especially when they aren't your own baby.
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Wow, it's amazing you figured that out! She's a lucky kitty to be in such good hands.
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