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Update With Me

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Some of you may remember when my cat Kalli was pregnant or after she gave birth. (for those who dont she had 7 kittens-one boy-on may 31 and june 1) She was the barn cat that came with our farm here. 5 of the kittens went to their new homes on August 11th. We were planning on keeping the other two and the mom. (the two kittens are Bear and Paris) the weekend before last, we got a petsitter because we went out of town. And Paris and Bear mysteriousely vanished. Weve looked for them everywhere. Our guess is that they got out of the house and the petsitter didnt notice, and they were killed by the coyotes. So now we our down to the one cat-paris. (we had to put Keisha down because her kidneys were failing, and Sammy just comes and goes) Paris is really sweet, well socialized for sure. Shes very lonely now that shes the only cat, and is constantly begging us for attention and calling for her mom and siblings. So we are either going to rehome her, which we dont think that we can do. Or we are going to get another kitten for her.
Some old threads of mine: (w/pics)
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Am so sorry. Let us know how it works out. Might be good to adopt a new one soon.
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Yeah we were thinking about doing that.
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