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Is this a good idea?

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I know it's kinda early too be talking about weaning the kittens, but I thought of this idea and wanted to know what ya'll though...

Ok, I have 2-1lb bags of Honest Kitchen cat food(Prowl). I was wondering if it might be a good thing to ues when making the "mush" to wean the kittens with. I could mix it with formula instead of water.

Here's a link to the food in case you don't know what it is:


Anyways, once they start eating it then I would slowly change the formula to water and then I would start adding cat food(Innova Evo is what I feed my kitties).Is it a good idea?
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Do they have a mom? i never bothered with making mush, just leave out the food you feed the mom and whenever they are ready or when she feels like it, she will show them how to eat it. But if you want to, that would work just fine too.
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No, they don't have a mom. Their mama rejected them and their 2 siblings died because of it, that's why I'm caring for them.

That reminds me...since they don't have a mama to wean them, at what age should I introduce them to the "mush"?
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ohh sorry, I have a hard time remembering the stories behind each persons cat situations. I try, but there are so many people on here, and then with my own and cats at work on top of it all hehe.

Anyways, start introducing them around 4 weeks since they have no mom, don't expect much until 5-6 weeks, some might lag behind the others and still want whatever you are giving them now. Some may dive right into the wet mush and eat it no problem...
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Lol, don't worry, I'm lucky if I can remember the stories of my OWN cats!

Thanks for the advise. I mainly like the Prowl food cause it's the only type of food that Binx, my male kitty HATES. Otherwise I would have to be fighting to get him away fromt he kittens dish every feeding time and that would get getting annoying!
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