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I smile when my cat...

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Moose sleeps with me and reaches out a paw to touch my face
Rocky gazes into my eyes with total trust
Lucy jumps on my lap and drools when I pet her
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When Shinobi comes running to greet me every morning when I open the bedroom door
When Parrot makes me laugh so hard by chasing his tail in a circle until he's dizzy
When Turtle climbs to that perfect spot on my shoulder and falls asleep every time
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It is so cute when Scooter rolls on his back and shows of his little tightie whities. It is so cute, and so perfectly shape to be a pair of little fuzzy undies.
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Oreo goes through the house doing her "war cry" because she has a toy in her mouth and wants praise and love for it.
Snickers goes crazy rolling all over the floor flipping back and forth because of a toy with cat nip.
Tosh falls asleep on his back and his paws are perfectly tucked against his chest.
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Walter: lays his head on my hand. He is NOT overtly affectionate, so this is as rewarding as it gets! It works for us both.

Lord Chesterfield: sits on the chair next to mine and gazes adoringly at me ... the pompous ass.

Ulysses: pats my 4.5 y/o son's cheek affectionately.

Laxmi: relaxes into a rollover on my chest, purring her little tiny heart out.

Finally, the memory of Roland: ... putting all four of his hot little soft paw pads on my bare skin for comfort, even though it is 100 and the A/C is not working.
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I smile when Boomie leads me into the bathroom to turn on the faucet for him. He walks in that direction and then looks back at me, walks again, looks back until I follow.

I smile when Bubba lays on the hardwood floor with all four paws in the air looking for a tummy rub.

I smile when Sandy does her little half meows in the morning when she wants to to be snuggly (about the only time of day she does).
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....when Chili tucked her little paw into my palm this morning and held hands with me for half an hour.

....When Tom is feeling well enough to relax, lay in a patch of sunlight, or use my knees as a scratching post.

....when Emma uses me as a scratching post, it's so adorable.
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When Barkley chases Petunia around the house in a game of Kentucky Derby
When Petunia holds a full conversation with me complete with facial expressions
When Barkley signals that it's time to eat by following me around the house and incessantly yelling at me.
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When Puff jumps up in the air and does a little twist to get a fly.

When he jumps up in the bed and is purring loudly, then he will lay down on my hip (because I sleep on my side) and he'll fall asleep there.

When he races through the house like a mad kitty running the worlds longest marathon.
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Thought of some more:
When Moose curls up next to me under the covers and goes to sleep.
When Lucy runs to me trilling & chirping.
When Rocky practically stands on his head to get one of my other two cats to play with him.
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I thought of somemore too:

When Barkley lays his head against me when he knows I dont feel well
When he jumps on the desk to talk to my mother on the phone
When he stares intently at a bug on the wall before he swats it away with his paw
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meows when I pet her and wake her up.
starts purring the second I touch her.
comes with me to the bathroom every morning and every night and stays while I get ready.
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When Black gives me head butts on my legs when I am preparing his food!!

When Katie meows at me when I bring her her food!!

When Sassy meows in my face every morning letting me know it is time for her to eat!!

Notice they do the cutest things when hungry!!
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That is my favorite, when Barkley literally "yells" @ me when he wants something ASAP! It's part of his special personality!
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... when Kelly bites my boyfriend's head because he's whistling.
... when Kelly purrs with her mouth opened because the purrs become very loud.

... when Luke meows, because he rarely does.
... when Luke wakes me up at 5:50am every day by kneading me. (I call him my very own "knead'ler". There is also a needler weapon in the game Halo.)

... when Pooch decides to be lovey to me because he RARELY does.
... when Pooch kneads on the bed, because it's just superbly cute with his nubby arms.
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When Cindy climbs up on my tummy/chest, looks me in the eye, kneads and purrs. When she's sleeping and snoring, I pet her, and it turns into a really loud purr.

When Swanie meets me at the door, gets comfortable on whatever I brought in with me (mail, lunch bag, etc.), and purrs his head off while I pet him. Or when he follows me around the house and "helps" me with my housework.

When they chase either other around the house, or play bat the cat around the bathroom door (one on each side of the door).
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I love it when Tonks jumps up on my desk and walks all over my keyboard while I'm playing WoW so I'll give her attention.
And whenever I go to bed she always follows me and lays down with me whenever she can, couch or bed
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I love it when we are making the bed, and any of them gets under the sheet and plays ATTACK! We have always called it, sorry if it grosses anyone out, "Bed tumors."
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...When Shinobi climbs into my lap and decides she wants to "help" me type.
...When Parrot tries to catch the cursor.
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when Simon lies down, stares at me intently, and pats his toy to tell me he wants to play.

When he jumps up on my chest and rubs his face on my face and purrrrrrs.

When he falls asleep on my arm and rolls over on his back for belly rubs while he's sleeping.

When our new little kitty does her "laser gun" meow... so tiny and cute!
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