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Great to hear from our amigo!!
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Thanks so much for checking in Rigel! We were all worried about you and are glad that you are all OK!!! Now I can call my Dh and let him know too, he's been asking for the last couple days about you guys! He's been worried too! Stay safe!
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I was thinking about all of you yesterday Rigel when I saw the news, So glad you guys are all OK, How did the the cats do through all of it? Glad your safe most of all....
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So relieved to hear that you folks are OK.
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So glad to hear everything is ok!!
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I echo everyone that its good that you and your family made it through the storm with minimal damage to your property!!
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Welcome back Rigel. I'm glad you're okay.
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Yea I am so glad to hear you are okay Rigel.
Give my love to your family and kitties.
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Needless to say, everyone was worried sick about you all!

So glad to hear from you Glad everyone is ok
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Glad to hear you're all safe and well! I've been thinking of you.
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thank you so much my friends!......It wouldn´t be fair if I mention to someone in particular in this whole marvellous thread...
thanks a lot of heart!
Believe me, we feel you all forces of pray sourronding us about it, why? because we feel tranquil in the windy moments! and we was thinking in all great friends from TCS!

thank you again my dear friends!
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Ahh, it's nice to know your family came through all right. Welcome back!
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HUGS to you both, and Milky and Catulina! SO GLAD you're all safe!
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Rigel, I'm so happy that you're safe and OK. We've all been worried about you, Gema and the kitties!
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So good to hear from you Rigel. I'm glad you're all safe!
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just checking in, so glad to hear from you

and that whilst I'm sure it scared the bejeezers outta you all you came through it safe

Give those kitties some chin tickles from us
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Thank you so much dear friends!...for your nicely concern!
I have enought words to say Thank you!
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