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we're trying to buy meds at petmeds.com and they say they need to contact a vet for a prescription. can i just put in any vet's name i find on yahoo local search? or does the vet need to see the kitten 1st? if i have a check up at the vet, can i order as many meds as i want for as long as i want afterwards? or do i have to go see the vet reguarding each med that i want a prescription for? thanks
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It's like seeing a regular doctor. The vet prescribes medication based on what your cat needs, and you can either buy the medicine from the vet, online, or from a regular pharmacy (depending on what the item is). The vet has to have seen the cat to determine what medicine is needed.
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If it is something routine, say, in Sweden could be the Pill for a healthy female, and you a regular visitor with the vet, some vet may prescribe after you ask himher on telephone, and send you the prescription.

Possibly it can be the case here too??.
Ie if it is a routine medicine etc...

Otherwise you must take the cat with you and go and pay visit to the vet. As usual and common in such cases.
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Absolutely, any kitten needs an initial checkup from a vet! and I would definitely trust the vet to give the initial innoculations. For over-the-counter meds you need down the road, PetMeds is a good place. If you had a kid, you wouldn't just order meds for it over the internet without having a medical checkup, would you? Your kitten deserves just as much care and has just as much value. And of course, most of us at TCS would certainly hope you will be consulting the vet for spay or neuter as soon as your kitten is old enough, at around four months.
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