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To those who read my previous post about my sick cat, I think I found out what's wrong! After repeated calls to the SPCA, they finally told me there had been an outbreak of "panleukapenia" at their shelter. I wish they had told us before we spent $300 in diagnostics! Anyways, apparently any adult cat who survives the viral infection for five days will be ok, so I think me and my kitty are going to be fine. He has yet to eat or drink on his own (he still has the nasoesophageal tube in), but I'm hoping that will change tonight.

Thanks for all your help, and I hope none of you ever have to experience this.
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Dear Mr Zebra:

Well, I didn't read your previous post, but I AM holding the best healing thoughts for your cat, of course, and hoping he has a long, happy, healthy life with you! He certainly deserves it.
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Wow it is a shame they did not admit that up front. Feline distemper is very serious and I'm sure the vet is not happy with that illness around their practice either, although I'm sure they are very careful.

I'm glad to hear your kitty is surviving it though. If you have other cats in your area (visiting, or pets) it is good to know about possible transmission:

"Due to the ability of the virus to survive so well in extreme temperatures in the environment, the infective secretions from these cats can be present for up to 13 months at ideal (room) temperature. Also, common environmental contamination both indoors and out can be assured due to the resistance of the virus to all disinfectants BUT bleach. "
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...in other words, bleach kills the virus? At what strength and with what application?
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Here is a really good webinar from Petsmart Charities on Panleukopenia. You can look at the whole recording or just download the slides and read them. I have not looked at it recently so I don't know if it tells you what proportion of bleach kills the virus, but I think it probably does give that information.

These webinars are really great by the way. I have learned so much from them, personally.
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FYI, it's 1:32 on the bleach solution, used daily. Thanks much -- very informative!
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