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I think the carpet on the walls is a GREAT idea for cats! Has anyone here visited http://www.thecatshouse.com or read any of Bob Walker and Frances Mooney's books on THE CATS' HOUSE? They love their cats so much they designed their entire house for THEM! Now that's my kind of folks!
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lol that was funny
and if i did not already have my limit, i would say free or not i would take one
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
She is positively STUNNING!!! What gorgeous, expressive eyes. She can't possibly be as naughty as you've described. Surely you exaggerate!
Thanks!! She's every bit as naughty as I described and then some.

I would describe her as a female Simba (Hope's bengal boy, he's a very naughty little guy)
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I see Jack is sleeping 2 hours later now.
Yes!, than started just before i went on holiday Pam, and what a difference that bit extra time makes
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Are you sure you're not describing Sadie?
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LOL! She sounds like Raven & Nabu the first couple years I had them. There's a very good reason my wallet says "I Bad Kitties"

She's a very beautiful cat.
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Sounds good, but it depends. Does she also like to counter surf regardless of how much you remind her kitties they can't do that, tear up blinds, use you as a jungle gym (more so at night), play the "door" game, steal food (while you are eating or not), tear up the kitty tree, eat boxes, and play with dogs and eat dog bones/toys? If so, I might be interested She would compliment my current cat really well!
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