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What's for supper?

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Tonight we're having roasted quail, with a tossed side salad, cresant rolls and baked potatoes

For desert: strawberry shortcake

What about you?
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I've already had my dinner as it's 10pm in the UK.

I had a cajun chicken wrap with a side salad. It was yummy. I cooked my son and partner a pizza with chips and sent them to bed.... Yes both of them!!

I've just had some crackers with cheese and a nice cup of sweet tea. The purrfect way to end the evening.
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Cup of joe and a doughnut.
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Brandi - got room for 2 more???

We are having BBQ chicken wings, some muffins (not sure which kind yet) and a vege.
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I am making spagetti with meatballs salad and garlic bread
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We had macaroni with three cheese sauce and portobella mushrooms.
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"GoldenKitty45: Brandi - got room for 2 more???"

sure we have 4 quail
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I'm making tofu and vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce. With some rice or millet.

That is, I'll be making that as soon as I can get myself away from the computer.
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I'm going to try out one of my sister's recipes! It was sooo yummy when i tried it at her house last week!

It has boneless skinless chicken breast, hoisen sauce, soy or terriaki sauce (can't remember which! i'm about to call her and get the right recipe!), bamboo shoots, organic sesame seeds, ginger root and other veggies if you want to add them! And you serve it over brown rice.

I'll let ya'll know how it turns out! I'm excited!!!
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We're due for some pasta, and the cook is due for an easy night. There's still some of the last batch of pesto in the fridge, and some gnocchi, so I think that's going to be it. Rhubarb and Apple crisp left from last night, with a scoop of ice cream, will top it off.
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I am having whatever people bring over. None of us want to cook but people keep bringing so much food. My friend is on her way over and she said she is bringing food.
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We're having grilled buffalo burgers here. I've never had buffalo so I thought we'd give it a try!
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I had a bowl of mushroom soup with a slice of whole-wheat bread. For dessert I had a big piece of zucchini/banana bread which was absolutely to die for
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Made meatloaf, and a pkg of Knorr rice/veggie mix (really good!!), corn from the garden along with a salad of fresh mozarella with tomatoes and basil from the garden (in vinagrette dressing).
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homemade Mexican rice and tacos
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We had home made brisket, cheesy potatoes and spinach strawberry salad. Yum! A Family favorite.
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We picked up some Wendys since we worked late tonight.

Ultimate Chicken Grill for me, Chicken Bacon something (Combo 11) for Rob.
post #18 of 19 people make me sick.

Well, not really. Just terribly jealous that all I've got right now is jello and canned soup. *sigh*

Enjoy your dinner! Most of them sound soooooooooo good. I'm practically drooling right now.
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I am having a turkey sandwich with marble jack cheddar cheese, cucumber chips, and mustard with barbecue flavored pringles and I am drinking a raspberry flavored dasani water.
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