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WOMEN... biopsy & procedure... I'm scared

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I need words of wisdom, advice, shared stories, whatever you can share.

So I went for my normal pap that was on August 10. They called me last Friday to tell me that Dr. Chorness wanted to go over my lab results. I was a little worried, because last year's pap was abnormal but the one 6 months after that was normal. She said that last time she did the colposcopy (viewing of the cervix using a special instrument called a colposcope) I had low-grade mild dysplasia. She didn't see any abnormal cells on my cervix so I just had to come back for the above mentioned 6 month exam. Well, this time she said I had moderate to severe high-grade dysplasia, and she had to do a biopsy. 2 biopsies in fact. That sucked a lot.

I have to come back in 2 weeks so she can go over the results. There is no cancer at this stage, she is just testing the pieces she CUT FROM MY BODY to determine this. But, due to the severity of the dysplasia, I have to have it treated. This is going to require a surgical procedure called an electrosurgical excision. Basically what that is is an outpatient procedure done in her office where they put a thin wire loop inside that carries an electric current and it removes the abnormal areas of the cervix. I am reading this off of a pamphlet btw. I asked her if there was a risk of infertility and she said we would talk about all of that at our next visit. I am really scared, this is a big deal. Please pray that the biopsy will come back negative. Regardless of the biopsy, I still have to get that procedure. And please pray that it will not affect my ability to bear children. That would kill me more than anything.

Has anyone been through this??? I am terrified of the procedure itself and the consequences.
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No, I haven't been through it, but as it's an in-office procedure, it is not something extremely serious or painful. You'll have to wait for the doctor to discuss the fertility issue with you -- I don't know anything about that at all, and never want kids, so had myself sterilized a/o! But hope all goes well for you -- there may be mild discomfort at the time, and maybe some post-op, for which you can probably get a scrip for pain pills, or take whatever analgesic you normally take (Aleve or whatever) but you will get through it.

Think of your CATS while you're dealing with this -- how soft and warm they are, how much they love you and you, them -- and it will help you get through it. We women are very strong, we endure all kinds of things.
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I had the biopsy and then cryosurgery done 3 different times, over 3 years. It wasn't pleasant, but really wasn't a big deal. As for fertility, I don't know because I never wanted to have any more childen, so can't answer that.

Good luck with everything. I'm sure it will be fine
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I haven't had this but, you'll be fine. it really is quite scary when someone hears the word "cancer". I think if it were more serious, then she would recommend a specialist or place you in the hospital.

Either way though, I would ask the doctor if she knew what the likelihood of being a parent is.
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I had cryo done back in 95 after I had my first son. It worked and I went on and had 3 more kiddos. After my 4th the cells came back and I had high grade displasia so they did more biops and a cone one where they ended up taking 1/4 of my cervix out. They said I could still have more kids but just would have to be more careful (haha I had 4 not having anymore). In 2004 I ended up with a hysterectomy (not from that but really bad abnormal bleeding) and they took my cervix out with that so I wouldn't have to always wonder if there would be more problems. (don't mean to freak you out)
But if they caught this early and from what I read they did. You should be just fine and be able to have healthy kiddos. Just take motrin or something like that before they do anything. Plus I found to have something to hold and take my mind off what they are doing to work. If you can get a nurse to come in and just talk to you about normal everyday things it helps.
Just be strong and you will get through it and everything will be fine.
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I have no experience with that specific issue but i just wanted to say i'll keep you in my thoughts/prayers that everything will work out ok and you'll be able to have kiddos!

I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) pretty badly- so i can definitely understand worrying over potential fertility problems- but try not to worry too much sweetie- many women with reproductive problems go on to have beautiful children down the road
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I've had that done, & it wasn't so bad. They numb you up down there & the whole thing isn't too much worse than going in for a PAP smear & pelvic exam. I spotted some after that, but didn't need anything stronger for pain than good old ibuprofen. I was monitored every 6 months after that till my Dr was satisfied that it wasn't recurring & am now back on yearly pap smears.
I don't know about the fertility issue, though..I don't want children, so that wasn't a concern. But from what the others have said, you should be ok.
Anything "wrong" down there is always scary, I hope everything turns out allright, I know how you feel & am sending good vibes!
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Off on a tangent, but glad to hear there's someone else out there who's opting out from having kids! In our grossly overpopulated world, with animals' habitat disappearing and them dying because of this, and with people in the industrialized nations (this one being the number one offender) consuming vastly more than is ethical or sustainable, I'm sure glad to see others out there making this choice.
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I have been through exactly what you are going through now. If you don't mind me asking how old are you? I ask because a lot of the changes in your cervix happen before you are 25, which is why in England they have now changed your first pap to when you are 25 I believe.

I had my first pap at 21 YO. It came back with low-grade mild dysplasia. Of course when I got the letter through, no one had explained anything to me, and I was so scared.

I went to my Dr and she reassured me. As I mentioned before, she said the Cervix has these mild changes when you are in your 20's and 9/10 they go back to normal.
She said however I had to have a pap every 6 months to keep an eye on it.

Sure enough my second came back normal.

I went back 6 months later and it was abnormal. I had to wait another 6 months to monitor it.

6 months later I had another pap and it was abnormal so I had to go have 2 cone biopsy's taken as you did. and wait for the results.

The biopsy results came back as only surface changes and it hadn't gone deep so again, it was a case of keeping an eye on it

I went back 6 months later and it had showed the changes had progressed to the next level so I had to have a "loop Diathermy" (or electrosurgical excision as you called it) which is the procedure they describe.

You basically get undress as with a pap, you have the umm "Expander?" for want of a better word, inserted, she wipes the vinager solution on your cervix, as with the paps, to see the area (this was the worse part for me, cause it STUNG) She will then numb the cervix with a local antithetic and cut the area out with the heated loop. You don't feel a thing.

There is very little bleeding because it is heated and seals the blood vessels.
You have to remember, the top of the cervix is very small, and although it feels in your mind she is taking out massive chucks, it is only about the size of a 10p (Or a quarter if you are American)

They don't recommend driving after, because you have had an anesthetic. Maybe get someone to go with you. I got bad period like cramps after.

The only downside with this procedure is the likely hood of getting an infection is high, simply because your cervix is a warm moist place and you have an open wound on it. You will know instantly if you do get one ~ all you need is a weeks of antibiotics to clear it up.

My nurse told me there is no chance of loosing fertility because of the *actual* procedure it's self, So please try not to worry about that.
I know it's easier said and done.

On my last check up in Feb 07 (this was 6 months after the procedure, and I was 25) the nurse said it had healed so well, that unless you knew I had the procedure you wouldn't be able to tell. No scaring or anything!
Also all the bad cells are gone!

I now have to have a pap every 12 months for 10 years.

I know it's very scary and it's hard not to worry because all the time you have the word "cancer" in the back of your head. But remember they do this all the time, and it is the best way to get rid of all those nasty cells.

for you
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I don't know anything about it, but I'm sending you healthy vibes.
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