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should I be concerned

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I have to take Rambo back for surgery on his mouth... I didn't want to put him under anesthesia again (this will be the 3 rd time in 2 months).... anyway, I can't bring him in the morning, so the vet said I could drop him off tonight... He's never away from home and although he survived being there in a cage all day last time, I've never brought him overnight. Do you think he'll be ok? Have you ever heard of a cat being so scared to be in a strange place that they died?

I'm hoping you all will tell me I'm just a worry wart... but I would hate for anything to happen to him because of me....
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I'm sure he won't die. He'l probably just drive everyone nuts meowing all night coz he misses you.

I think you are worried because it'll be strange not to wake up to him in the morning.

Everything will be fine, it's for his own good don't forget.
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I called to check up on him and you're right, he's hollering like crazy... poor thing... but he survived the night away from me...

and he's waking up from the anesthesia!!!!!

thanks so much for responding to me!!!!!
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No problem...It's unusual to only get one reply on a thread...

Give him lots of attention when he's home, tell him your sorry and all will be forgiven...

Aren't cats loving to their owners
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