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Do these people have it out for me or someething!?!

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My last day of work was June 29th. Since then it's been one battle after another with my old company.

They laid me off because they closed my program, promising 2 weeks of severance pay. Then when that didn't come I learned they weren't going to be giving it to me because I had convinced them I should work till the program closed. After management had explicitly said they would pay me that regardless. So after putting up a stink, I got it. Late.

Getting that late meant now my vacation pay would be issued late. Um well I was supposed to be getting that vacation pay on August 10th. The HR lady for my office was out on vacation. She just e-mailed me to let me know she checked and they were showing that I used all of my vacation time in June! Um no I sure as heck did not! They gave me notice that I would be laid off the day I got back from vacation...in which I took 56 hours off. My last vacation statement came May 18th and according to that, I had 93.16 hours! So between May 8th and when I went on vacation June I had 2 full weeks which would easily put my remaining vacation time over 40 hours. So sometin ain't adding up here! Now I did donate 40 hours of SICK time to someone. Not vacation. I had 178.09 hours of sick time when I left that I had saved. Wasted is what I call it now.

Meanwhile I cannot file for unemployment benefits because they owe me money. So my finances are becoming more stretched and I'm getting stressed period. I'm having enough issues with everything that went on with my eye and being sent to the neurologist also.

I'm sorry I'm ranting on here, I really don't like doing that. I am seriously just in such an inner turmoil at the moment and I don't like being that way. If ya'll don't see me on for a week or so, I went to my Grandparent's in New York. I've been dying to go, I just have been afraid I'd get a call for an interview while I'm up there and then all these doctor appointments. But now I don't have any till the 29th. So if I go missing, I'll be back in a few weeks at the most.
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That is SO not fair! Have you consulted an attorney about this? You need to stand strong and fight them - they sound like they are trying to avoid paying you. How hopeless!

Sending you lots of vibes that everything works out!
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I may just do that if need be. One thought I had when they were trying to not pay my severance is that they are a non-profit agency. An agency that depends on donations and income from charity events. I can always contact a newspaper or some of their benefactors! It ought not come to that and I honestly don't want to hurt the company for the sake of their disabled employees. (They hire a very large percentage of people with severe developmental disabilities.) But really now. They are begrudging me no more than $500 at the moment. But that $500 would sure help me out at the moment!
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Many money vibes going your way

While what I think you did was very good hearted of you, at least you know now in the future: If the company lays you off 2 weeks before you are suppose to finish something...just take the leave. Less of a headache that way.
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Sending some good vibes your way.

I think you should go away for a bit, just to clear your head.
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Thanks Karen.

I am still thinking about going to see my Grandparents. Gram fell this weekend and fractured a few ribs so she's not feeling the best, but it still might make her happy and I can help out too. Part of me is hesitant to spend the money on the gas, but it's not like I'll do much driving once I get there. My grandparent's live like a quarter of a mile apart. Just the fact that I'm willing to drive myself up there is telling me something! I hate driving. Especially around cities and long distances. This trip requires both.

I got an e-mail back again from the HR lady. She caluclated what I should have and is going to let me know when the check is cut and sent to me. So that's good news!
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That's good -- but if it doesn't come and you have any further trouble, you don't have to pay a lawyer... just call the state agency that handles labor issues.
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