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FVR- antibiotics don't seem to be helping!

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I got two himalayan cats from a (obviously not reputable) breeder a few weeks ago. They were put in isolation when they got here as I have other kitties and three days after they got here I noticed sneezeing and white discharge coming out of one of their noses. I called the vet right then and there and my cat was diagnosed with FVR about an hour later. He was put on Orbax 22.7mg for 10 days and was also given PEN/DEX and ANAFEN as he had a 103 degree fever. The next day I noticed the other kitty I got had a small amount of discharge in her nose and she was given Clavamox for 10 days. Well, they were given all of their medications and were kept in isolation for three weeks. Four days before the three weeks were up and they could come out of isolation again they were showing symptoms of FVR. Now they are on their second round of antibiotics (both on Clavamox). My vet checked them over and said they look healthy and don't show any signs of any thing else being wrong but if the antibiotics don't work this time she would like to do blood tests to see if they have FIV.
I am so worried that there is some thing more wrong then FVR. Does any one have any experience with this disease or any trouble getting a cat better who has been on antibiotics for over 20 days??!!
Thanks in advance!
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Sometimes upper respiratory illnesses can be very persistent, especially if the cats have been in a shelter or breeder situation where they have been passed from cat to cat and are particularly virulent. Also some breeds of cats are more susceptible to FVR URI's than others and take longer to heal. I fostered an oriental cat who had a really hard time with this illness but she did recover.

Also your kitties recently had the stress of moving to a new home which also would affect their immune systems, albeit it sounds like a much better place than where they were! I applaud you for hanging in there and looking after them. You truely rescued them.

Also it is a good thing you put them in isolation- I'm sure I don't need to tell you that but I just wanted to mention it. The FIV thing is scary.

On top of that, and assuming there is no FIV- you should talk to your vet about the FVR and ask very pointedly and specifically about how long they will shed the virus after they are cured- since you don't want your existing cats getting it. Find out what is the worst case scenario since it is best that you have all the facts and can make safe decisions for all the kitties in your home.
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