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Her new life has begun

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Well, guys, it's official. My neighbor's abandoned cat, Come Here, has been renamed Maggie by the folks at TCS and we just got back from a long overdue trip to the vet. Maggie is a little underweight, but otherwise healthy. She's been vaccinated and tested negative for FeLV and FIV. (I had her spayed last summer). She was so sweet at the vet, very calm amidst all the poking and prodding.

Since Maggie is dirty from living outside and her gorgeous long fur is matted in several places, I'm taking her to a groomer tomorrow for the royal treatment. There's a groomer who leases space from my vet who's going to give us a discount since Maggie is a rescue.

I'm going to give Maggie a couple of weeks to just relax and be spoiled, then put her up for adoption. Her new life has begun and I want there to be nothing but love ahead for this sweet, beautiful girl.

Pics coming tonight!
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Thats wonderful what you have done for her. Best of luck to Maggie, I hope she finds a forever/loving home!
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Awww!! I cant wait to see Maggie!!! Bless you for saving her.
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Congratulations, Maggie! You may not know it yet (or you might already -- you are a cat after all! ) but you are one very lucky little girl, to have landed where you did. Give your Auntie Eileen lots of rubs and loves -- starting right now, you won't ever have to deal with a human who doesn't take care of your needs, and she's about to find you a wonderful family to settle into.
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Welcome to the world of love and caring, Miss Maggie!!
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Eileen, you are truly an angel. Maggie is so lucky to have found you.
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Thanks, guys.

Honestly, I've been concerned about sweet Maggie for more than a year now, ever since I first found her wandering in our backyard. I didn't want to be judgemental about how my neighbor was caring for her, but have kept a close eye on the situation ever since. I'm just so relieved she's safe now.

The same applies to her brother, Sylvester. I feel bad I don't have the space to foster them both, but I think it's worked out for the best. Sylvester is much more friendly and easygoing than his sister and is already up for adoption with the rescue. That handsome tuxedo boy should have no trouble finding a home and I want nothing but the best for him too!

After our trip to the vet, Maggie is back to hiding under the bed, so I don't think she'd due well in a shelter enviroment, even a cageless one like the wonderful place the took Sly. If a space opens up for her, I'll consider it but, at this point, I'm more inclined to foster her and find her a home on my own.

Please send vibes for wonderful, loving homes for both of these sweet kitties.
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Major vibes on the way that loving humans fall madly in love with both of these sweet kitties.

Maggie is going to the beauty shop.
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Bless you for doing this. I hope she finds a good home.
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Awww.... yay for Maggie. (hehe which was also my name choice )

Bless you for taking care of her and I wish you both all the best for long happy loving lives together!

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As nice as this shelter may be, theres nohing like a loving a home and a comfy sofa!! Although you may find it hard to let her go if you keep her too long....Cats have that effect on alot of people.

Lets hope her new owners don't change her name after all of our hard work!!!

She deserves some beauty treatment!
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Aw, I'm so glad for Maggie! She's a lovely girl with a sweet, old-fashioned name, and I hope her new life will be just as sweet!
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Good luck Miss Maggie wishing a long healthy life ahead for you....
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