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Chicago or NY - Need Advice

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Hello All..

So i think me and my sis and my mom are gonna have a girls weekend in November.

We were trying for New York, but the hotels are really high $$. So Chicago might be are only choice, were still searching for good priced hotels..

We are for sure gonna go see Wicked the Broadway Musical.. OUR whole reason for going.

So here's my question.. To all you who ever visit or stayed in NY or Chicago, Need your ADVICE...
* Wicked in New York is on 222 W 51st Street
* Wicked in Chicago is on 20 East Randolph

??? Where would you recommend to stay whether NY or Chicago (walking distance to Wicked),, and where to eat (something fun)???

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There has to be people out there from NY and Chicago???

Any hotel in Manhatten ideas??? Places to eat??
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Not to decide for you, but I'm more or less partial to Chicago, since its my home town.

Check for hotel prices on or Often times if you stay in the executive/business area (The El) you can get $400 rooms for $79 a night on the weekend. There are less touristy crowds in that area and you get a super room for next to nothing...providing you are going on the weekend.

One place i always seem to wind up whenever I go to Chicago is Miller's Pub. The people and atmosphere is friendly. I highly recommend. Anything in Navy Pier is pretty good too...although a little more pricey
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Is there any restaurants in Chicago you really like?? Anything whimsical or fun??
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Ive been to New York and to Chicago (i live in wisconsin so chicago isnt far). I love both but if I could make a suggestion (if money isnt an issue) i would go for New York... All the way!
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I grew up in Chicago so have to vote for going there. The theater that is showing Wicked is in a very good part of downtown - close to Millenium Park, Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, etc. You are walking distance from a number of museums, the lakefront, etc.

I just did a business trip up there in June and stayed about 4 blocks away from the theater. The hotel was nice but pricey (over $200 a night). If I recall there were less expensive hotels just south of there that were pretty close to the Art Museum.

Stay downtown if you can afford it and take a cab in place of paying a higher nightly fair. If you find some potential hotels, post them here and we can tell you if they are in a good part of downtown.
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My vote is for Chicago!!! I went there for a week a few years ago and it was great! There was soo much to do and see!

NY looks like it could be really fun too but i think Chicago may be better price wise
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We found some good priced hotels in Secaucus, NJ,, like 3 miles from Manhattan, so I think we are gonna do New York.. WE wanted to go to New York,, I've never been nor has my sister..

We need to find fun dining experiences in New York... Any ideas?
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I just got back from NYC - we got a four star hotel thru hotwire for $255/night. THat was pretty good.

I often stay at the Skyline hotel in the theatre district. It is usually reasonable and walking distance to the theatres.

If you want to go v. rustic - Off Soho suites are inexpensive and clean, with a v. polite staff. Thing is, it is not fancy but you get a full kitchen and sleeps four. I would suggest you bring your own linens. We got a suite for $219 in Feb. They are in Soho though, not your theatre target area.

If you plan on going in Nov during holiday time - all the hotels raise their rates to crazy amounts. It is really quite shocking what they will charge.
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i live in NY, about 5 hours from NYC, and i vote NY. there is SOOO much to do, and so much diversity!!!!!!!

you can go to the city, or go 25 miles outside the city, and be in the mountains!
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Have lived in Chicago almost all my life & been to NYC several times, I'd vote Chicago. 20 E. Randolph is literally across the street from Macy's and a couple of blocks away from Milennium Park. Art Museum is also close by. Both cities have excellent transit system but since Chicago is smaller I think you will find it less intimidating when reading from map.
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