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Can you hold them like a baby?

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Every cat that I've had I've held them like a baby and then kiss them on the nose...

If you just have one cat like me just vote (yes all of them) or No all of them.
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Merlin loves it - I used to carry him in my baby sling, the others - no way!
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Technically I can with all 3.

Raven- depends on his mood.
Nabu- yes
Stimpy- yes
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Pickle loves being held like a baby, she's always grabbing my legs like a child does when he wants to be held.
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Wickett doesn't care HOW you hold him as long as your petting him!

Frankie doesn't like being held, period.
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Cindy -- absolutely
Fawn -- she'll be held, preferably by Daddy, but never like a baby
Suzy -- being held is the most totally abhorrent thing in the world, and to be tolerated only when one clearly has no choice -- she's enough of a realist to recognize the times when it will be over more quickly if you cooperate.
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Ummm there was no answer that fit my situation CAN I hold them like a baby? Yes but do they LIKE it? No. All our cats can't stand it. Tosh meows at us and complains. Oreo will fight to get up right again. Snickers...well she takes it but puts her paw on your face and gives that look of "Does this LOOK like I am enjoying this?" My husband loves to hold all the cats like this but they so hate it.
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I didn't know there was any other way.
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You mean like this?

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That picture is creepy!

Anyway, Maisie will sometimes tolerate it but I wouldn`t kiss her nose. She slapped me round the head yesterday so I`m not gonna put my face in hers.

There is no way on Gods earth I could do it with Kitty. I`m not ready to die!
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My boys don't care how they're held. Over a shoulder, around my neck, over an arm (in the instances where I have to carry both cats at the same time), ...upside down -DH does this, and like a baby.

Tomas didn't like being held so much when I first found him, I now think that he might have been a feral or semi feral kitten, but I was able to break him of the habit of struggling. He learned that I wouldn't hurt him and that I would put him back down again.
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My girls and guy like to be held over your shoulder
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Originally Posted by Karl View Post
You mean like this?

I can do that with my newborn kittens!!

Ziggys a bit big though. She likes being held like a baby, any attention really.
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I don't so much anymore cuz Popsie's bony in his old age and I'm afraid it would make him uncomfortable.
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Cairo loves it. Paris tolerates it for 1 or 2 kisses, and then I either have to switch her to the swing position or put her down. The swing position is where you lock your fingers together and hold a baby belly down. Paris loves that and will lay her head on my arm and knead her paws in the air forever like that.
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Max- yes

Trouble- yes but she will growl the whole time.

Simon- nope he's an over the shoulder baby

Vanna- yes

Sampson-no too stiff another over the shoulder boy

Pooh- yes

Tigger- yes

Mia- sometimes

Mocha- NO, he doesn't like to be picked up period

Takoda- no, he prefers to be tucked up under your arm and carried like a

Magnum- if you are quick you can hold him like a baby but you won't be
strong enough to hold him there. He prefers the football hold too.
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Gracie loves it, after all she does believe that she's a human
Elliott also likes it, but he always manages to squirm around so that he's over my shoulder with his front legs wrapped around my neck.
Annabelle...NO WAY...if I got her that close to my face she'd claw my eyes out!
I rescued her about 5 years ago and she's just within the past few months even allowed me to pick her up for about 2 seconds at a time.
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Asher likes to be held like a baby and he rubs heads with me. Jack, the new one, doesn't let me hold him like that!
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Trent loves being held like a baby when I'm sitting and watching TV. He'll put his head down and go to sleep if I'm rubbing his tummy while holding him like that.

Mojo will let us hold her like that for a while, but she's easily distracted and as soon as something "interesting" happens she gets really squirmey.

Ginger prefers to be ON my shoulders, either as a kitty-parrot or a kitty-scarf.

Ophelia would likely kill us if we tried...
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Radar loves to be picked up and carried around on his back, he goes all floppy and just relaxes, purring. Sonic however goes stiff as a board when we pick him up like that! He prefers to be carried over a shoulder if it has to happen, but he'd prefer not to be picked up at all really. Odd that Sonic is the really cuddly one and Radar is fussy about cuddles. Maybe he gets all the cuddles he needs from being carried around
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Only Ivory.
Heaven forbid you even look like you want to kiss Vash, he'll squirm and cry so mournfully.
You'd think that kisses hurt to see his reaction.
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Nope, not any of them!!!

Stumpy deals with it for about 2 seconds then kicks out until she can get down.

Lily gets too scared, and just freaks out

Smudge makes a little squealy, growly sound while kicking out - it's so funny that we try to cuddle her like that just to hear the sound

All our girls love attention and pats, but aren't lap cats, and hate being held!
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Taters loves it but Thomas, Minnie, and Gradie...NO WAY!!!! They would rather scratch my eyeballs out than be held like that. Nelson is still a baby so it's still to early to tell.
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Yes, all of mine will let me do that
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All of them except Addie - she had such a rough time I wouldn't like to frighten her by turning her on her back.

But Tippy, Felicity, Tolly and Lily love to carried like a baby. In fact, they happily go for a walk around the garden with me like that and show me which flowers or trees they'd like me to hold them near for sniffing
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I said some of them. Inky, Cleo and Beau - yes. Shadow and Felicia - no.
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Heck no...Trout would KILL me.
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Miagi loves it and Tiger likes to sit on my shoulder.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
My boys don't care how they're held. Over a shoulder, around my neck, over an arm (in the instances where I have to carry both cats at the same time), ...upside down -DH does this, and like a baby.
All of mine are like this except Tino and he's an over the shoulder boy. Mine will sometimes turn their heads down so they are upside down and I know that they want to be carried upside down especially Ducky.
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Pekoe is like a giant stuffed animal in my arms. He's getting a bit... tubby now though so I don't often pick him up.

Nigel gets all tense if I approach him when he doesn't want it, so I don't attempt it too much.
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