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The honeymoon is over

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Ever since he got here as a scrawny little wayward kitten, the older Jellicles have been pretty much giving Freeway the run of the house, and they range anywhere from joining in, to tolerating, his antics.

But, I think his "amnesty period" is finally over. Just a minute ago, he was clinging to Trace Tumblebrutus, nipping at his ears and bunny kicking his back. Trace rolled over and rolled Freeway off, then he easily rolled back into place to try to finish his nap. Not to be happening, as Freeway pounced onto his back again.

This time, Trace sat up and did the tail swishing, standoff thing with Freeway, which has always been part of their game. But this time, it turned out differently. Trace reached way, way back down into the lower south 40 of his personal space, balled his paw into one of those little feline fists, and swatted Freeway butt over brain-bucket clear into the back bathroom.

Not to be daunted, Freeway came bouncing right back out, but this time, giving Trace a good wide berth.

They are already together again, with Trace cleaning the kid's ears. But I think that Freeway may have learned a little something about limits today
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That Freeway! God I love that cat!
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Feline fist.

Poor Freeway. Time to grow up, it happens to the best of kittens.
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those rascally kittens!! gotta be put in their place eventually
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Dear Freeway, Trace, Mike, and Jellicles:

Great story! I could just picture it happening. You have good writing ability and descriptive skills (in case you're interested)...

Really like your siggy, too -- as you can see from some of our other siggies, we LOVE large feline families here, too, especially those of "dubious lineage"! Good luck to Freeway as he learns to navigate his way through a veritable forest of tails....
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Poor Freeway!
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Yep, I told ya it was going to happen one day.
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you know he'll just do the exact same thing tomorrow... I mean after all - he got a grooming session out of it!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Feline fist.

Poor Freeway. Time to grow up, it happens to the best of kittens.
Neat how they work things out amongst themselves!
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yup! the honeymoon is defiitely over!
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Awwwwww poor Freeway I hope he learned his limits.
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sad that animals get to do that, and us humans are not allowed
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Yep, Freeway isn't the cute little kitten to be humored any more. I think he's graduated into being a pain in their butt! But, they still love him.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Yep, I told ya it was going to happen one day.
Yes you did, and it was almost exactly the way you said. Freeway was thinking that he was going to do the "swishy standoff" for a minute or two, then pounce and grab Trace around the neck and...WHAM!

I think it was half Traces' punch and half Freeway jumping in surprise, but the timing made it look like he knocked him loopy
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