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Vomiting again

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I'm a little concerned about Seamus, I feel like I may be a little neurotic. He was sick over a month ago, had tapeworm and had vomited all the food he ate one night, so I brought him to the vet and found out he had giardia. He was treated and given the all-clear late July.

Because of the illness, it prompted me to change his food to something healthier. I switched from Friskies and have been free-feeding him Nutro Dry and once a day giving him Friskies Wet, any meat variety, mush, cuts in gravy, he isn't picky. Just recently he started vomiting every few days, just little bits and it's all partially digested or undigested dry food. He is otherwise going to the bathroom normally, and is himself activity-wise. Another thing is my wacky schedule. I don't have a normal routine and I stay up late, some nights later than others, and I can see he's thrown off by it, running around hyper, getting fussy. I'll be back to work in two weeks so we'll be on a schedule again. Could it be the combination of the foods upsetting his stomach, or just the schedule I'm on and the hyperactivity caused by it? Is there something I could try before another trip to the vet? Should I wait until I'm back to working and see if the routine settles him?
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Given he was just sick, it might be a good idea to call the vet and ask whether he should go in......but it could be the combination of foods. Last week, my kitten started throwing up undigested/partially digested food (3 times in 4 days)...since it was unusual, I took her in. Vet found nothing wrong during the exam and asked me about food changes. I had been feeding them 2 different dry foods, made a switch from RC Babycat to Kitten, and gave them several different canned foods and some greenies. Vet said she probably either wasn't tolerating the switch or a certain food. She suggested feeding the cat 1 kind of dry food - and giving her 1/8 cup every 3 hours instead of free-feeding. Kitten immediately stopped vomiting....as long as your cat seems healthy otherwise, maybe doing something like that (only using 1 food and in a controlled way to see if the vomiting stops...and if it does, sticking with that for a week to get the stomach to settle) would help to settle his stomach and discover what might be upsetting his tummy.

(eta: and I am a new cat owner so take what i say w/ a grain of salt...that's just my recent experience though )
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I think you should take your baby back into the vet. The fact that he is vomiting just little bits is unusual. Usually if a cat vomits "normally", it is a huge hairball or a big pile of whatever it ate.
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