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Starbuck the Bengal

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Ok, I think I've figured out how to post pictures so here goes!

I love this pic of Starbuck! When he is asleep, he is REALLY asleep! If you try to wake him up, he meows this weird meow at you something awful (eyes still shut, though!). Enjoy!

Check out more pics of Starbuck waking up at



Visit my bengals at:
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He's gorgeous! I love those at the link you posted. He sure was a sleepy boy!
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what a stunning baby!!
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He is amazing. I love Bengals.
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What a beautiful little sleepy baby!!!!
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He was adorable as a kitten, that yawn! *thud*
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Oh my, he is a cat version of my daughter!!
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I love his belly
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have to say i love your blog and i love that slide feature, I just added it to mine!
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AWE what a beautiful baby!
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Glad you all liked it! I've been trying to get some of my boys sleeping as 1 year olds and not kittens! Unfortunately, everytime they hear me coming, they wake up! I'll keep trying!
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
I love his belly
me too!! love the spots!
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Adorable! Love all those spots.
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Very stunning boy!! I love his markings!!
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I LOVE your blog. The next time I get pets of my own, I'll definitely start a blog up for them Torrey, Starbuck and Sebastian are such beautiful boys Its a shame Torrey and Sebastian are camera shy
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I do love their spots! And I got the idea of the blog from my scrapbooking - basically I had too many photos to scrapbook and so decided to do a blog instead! It's so easy and lots of fun and I'll never lose a memory this way!


P.S. I just updated it with some more pics if you're interested!

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