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Agressive digger!

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Do you have a cat that does this? It's like he "throws" the liter all over the room!!!!!

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Oh yes!!! That's Chynna! She is what I call a shoveller when it comes to using the litter box. She likes to dig and dig right down to the bottom of the box and when she is finished she wants to make a mountain out of all the litter to cover it up.

I went and bought a litter box similar to the one in this link:

And that helped a great deal. The hinged sides lean inwards which prevents her from shovelling out the whole box onto the floor.

Abby on the other hand wouldn't be caught dead digging in litter. She goes and jumps out. Doesn't dig before and doesn't cover after.
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I refer to that as 'digging to China' and JoJo does it... all the time...

For her, I can't have the high sided ones... they don't work on her... it get flung far and wide anyway... I think she kicks UP, not AWAY... so I have the newer tent for the littermaid automatic box and a big black rubbermaid container with a hole in the end... lid on.

They still track it, but it's not nearly as bad...

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Yes Lucky does, mind you she is only 11 weeks old, but she loves to just go into her box and dig, often she doesn't do anything, just loves to dig
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Yes, I have two diggers and flingers, Katie and Sassy dig like there is no tomorrow!!
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I have a digger and a flinger!! In fact, my flinger flings it AT my digger
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We have 3 covered boxes & 1 box like natalie showed with the snap on tapered in sides. it seems to do the trick & I know that one only costed $5 @ A well known Chain Department Store.
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I have one of those litter boxes for Blossom. She gets down to business for pee but digs & digs & digs b4 doing poop.
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Yes, and goes by the name of Rosie!
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I do but the bigger problem is him tracking it. The digging and flingging is kept to a minimum becuase one of their litterboxes is covered and the other is a converted storage tub w/ high walls.
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