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Using the couch for a place to Urinate!

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My fiance moved to Austin about 9 months ago. Along with her came a 2 year old nuetered male cat. He is the only cat in the household and is pampered and shown affection constantly. About 4 months after moving, he had decided to use the couch to urinate on. Well, this has completely ruined a leather couch. We initially rubbed his faced in the spot, but this wasn't any help. He continued to urinate on the couch cushions almost nightly.

We moved to Houston about 2 weeks ago bringing everything with us, including the awful smelling couch. This problem still occurs at night when we aren't paying attention to him. We have found that he will come into the room alot of times after urinating to meow. Almost as if he is telling us that he pee'd on the couch.

We are going on vacation next week and will have a vet look at him while we are gone, but we have taken him to another vet a couple of months ago and we were told there is nothing wrong with him? Any thoughts before we buy a new couch?
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Well, my first thought was a UTI so you might want to get him checked again. ALso, if the couch smells like pee he will keep peeing on it. He probably wont stop peeing on it until the smells gone or the couch is gone. Try cleaners like Natures miracle or something like that, they should work, if not you might have to get a new couch. Hope that helps.

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Some leather products are tanned in ... urine. So they will always smell like it, and always have that "allure." Hopefully this is not the case.

Go to a pet store and find an enzyme cleaner safe for leather (?).

Is he backing up on the side, or squatting on top? Backing up is marking. But ... either could be a symptom of a UTI.
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Also, we are using petzyme clean up his urine messes. But, the urine is so potent that this product is really only masking the odor. We will have to completely replace the couch for sure.
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Check out this article (note the link to page 2 at the bottom):

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You should definitely replace the couch. I totally agree with your thoughts about that.

I would get the cat vet-checked again since you said he comes and cries after he urinates.
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